Exclusive Livery Halls for Hire in London

The livery halls of London are some of the most historic venues in the city. Some of the halls have hosted events for hundreds of years, while others served as gathering places as far back as the Middle Ages. If you want to add an elegant ambience to your event, you should consider one of the many livery halls of the City of London.



There is a wide selection of large halls for hire in London, such as:

  • Guildhall – The former town hall of London.
  • Livery Halls – 39 halls around the city owned by livery companies.
  • Stationers’ Hall (500)
  • Plaisterers’ Hall (600)
  • Haberdashers Hall (500)
  • Saddlers Hall (500)
  • Goldsmiths Hall (500)

Whether you’re planning an anniversary, a birthday party, an engagement ceremony, a wedding, or a corporate event, you should look into these halls for hire in London.

The halls for hire in London range in size from comfortable, intimate venues to massive, sprawling spaces with enough room for hundreds (or even thousands) of guests. These halls for hire provide a wide range of venue choices, ensuring that you – as the coordinator of the event – has enough options to make your event special.

Here are a few things you need to know about the many halls in London:

  • There may be restrictions. The halls are home to works of art, and they are often historic sites as well. You may encounter a number of restrictions and regulations when planning an event at these halls.
  • Not all caterers work in all halls. The restrictions in some of the halls make them difficult for catering, so make sure that your caterer can accommodate the venue before hiring the hall.
  • Choose only the best. London is home to dozens of halls of all shapes and sizes, and it can be overwhelming to narrow down your options. (Thankfully, we’ve made a shortlist for you below…)

Check out these venues as your top options:

Plaisterers’ Hall

One of the largest Livery Halls in London, Plaisterers’ Hall offers the perfect space for parties, presentations, business conferences, dinners & seminars.

The venue has a range of different sized rooms, each of which offers unrivalled flexibility for events.

Plaisterers’ Hall proudly boasts elegant and beautifully finished neo-classical décor throughout. Main space, The Great Hall, is destined to impress with its corniced ceilings hanging with the finest gold chandeliers and floor length windows.

Plaisterers Hall Plaisterers Hall Plaisterers Hall Plaisterers Hall Plaisterers Hall

Stationers Hall

Dating back to 1673, Stationers’ Hall is one of the most beautiful of the Livery Halls in London. Situated atop Ludgate Hill, the venue offers convenient access to St. Paul’s Cathedral, making it ideal for weddings.

The Court Room can hold 120 to 135 guests, with up to 200 guests in the Hall and the Stock Room. The gorgeous gardens outside the hall provide a picturesque backdrop, and you’ll love the intimate ambience of the venue.

Stationers Hall Stationers Hall Stationers Hall

Saddlers’ Hall

Saddlers’ Hall is a beautifully furbished neo-classical “Mansion House” premises situated near St Paul’s Cathedral in the City of London. Its elegant, interconnecting rooms are full of warmth and light with all the style of a stately home.

Owned by the ancient livery company for equestrian saddlers, entrance to the venue is via a private courtyard, spacious hallway and anteroom with the main hospitality room situated at the first floor level.

Saddlers Hall Saddlers Hall Saddlers Hall Saddlers Hall


Dating back to the 12th century, Guildhall is one of the most historic venues in the city! Royal events and banquets for Heads of State are held here, and it’s the reception site for major anniversaries of the country.

Not only is it a spectacular event venue, but it’s also a Grade I listed landmark. It offers breathtaking opulence that will be the perfect venue for your corporate event.

Guildhall Guildhall Guildhall

Middle Temple Hall

Set in the heart of Central London, this historic event venue overlooks the River Thames, offering stunning views. Built in 1562 and 1573, the venue retains the Renaissance charm and ambience. The imposing décor and elegant ambience makes it a perfect location for corporate events, yet also ideal for formal dinners, weddings, and outdoor functions.

For a peerless experience, the Middle Temple Hall is a venue to consider.

Middle Temple Hall Middle Temple Hall Middle Temple Hall

Armourers’ Hall

This Livery Hall dates back to the 1400s and is a stunning combination of medieval paintings, 16th and 17th century art, weapons, and armor, and a timeless décor that feels straight out of a history book. For formal events, it doesn’t get more impressive then the somber ambience of the Armourers’ Hall.

The venue has larger rooms for large-scale events and smaller rooms for more intimate events. Whether it’s a formal dinner, a contract signing, a banquet, or a financial presentation, Armourers’ Hall is the place to be.

Armourers' Hall Armourers' Hall Armourers' Hall

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