Party Venues South London

If you think all the best parties happen south of the River Thames, then you’re in luck as there are plenty of amazing party venues in South London. It’s important to remember that an event’s success is largely determined by its turnout: some events gets so much buzz that some guests have to be turned away, while others are cancelled altogether due to the turnout being in the single digits.

While factors like promotion and marketing are involved, the venue selection is also an influencing factor. It goes without saying that a big name venue will attract more guests than a generic one. If you’re looking to draw in a big crowd, then a big name venue will definitely help. You can check out some of these top party venues in South London if you’re looking for an event with noteworthy name recognition.

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Ranger’s House

You can’t go wrong with the Ranger’s House if you’re aiming for a formal and elegant party. Situated in Blackheath on the edge of the breathtaking Greenwich Park, Ranger’s House was the home to many aristocratic families over the generations. Though fitted with modern amenities, very little of the home’s interior and exterior have changed since its construction in the early 1700s.

With this venue, you have a location ideal for a small private party of up to 80 guests. Over the years, the property has amassed over 700 masterpieces of art and sculptures, which are displayed over 12 rooms. This gives the guests a delightful treat as they admire and marvel at the dedicated work of some of the country’s finest artisans from days gone by.

Parkstead House

If you’re looking for party venues in South London that provide overnight lodging, then Parkstead House is your best choice. Located in beautiful Roehampton near Richmond Park. The facility has 200 private bedrooms, so you basically get a hotel and venue all in one package. The venue is also equipped with a gym, parking spaces, a licensed bar, and full catering services. Parkstead House is located near the edge of Richmond Park and is within a stone’s throw of popular attractions like the Royal Botanic Gardens.

Given that the venue is perched on a vast lawn, the area is also perfect for events like corporate galas and team building exercises. Indoors, the Manresa Hall provides a spacious room for hosting lavish dinner/dance parties and marquees.

Hampton Court Palace

One of the two remaining palaces owned by Henry VIII, Hampton Court Palace is a venue so spacious that guests can roam around freely and admire and take snapshots of the palace’s many attractions. The facility is noted for its following areas:

  • Cumberland Art Gallery – View some of the magnificent artwork on display from the Royal Collection.
  • The Great Hall – The walls of this hall are covered with medieval tapestries from the era of Henry VIII. This is also the room where William Shakespeare performed with the “King’s Men” for King James I in 1603.
  • The Great Maze – Guests will have a fun time getting lost and finding their way out of this garden maze. This maze is also UK’s oldest surviving hedge maze.
  • The Chapel Royal – The chapel has been in use for 450 years and continues to host religious services. The walls and ceiling are adorned with Tudor-era design and architecture.

If you want to blow your guests away, then you can’t go wrong with the top party venues in South London. These locations have withstood the test of time, hence the reason they have been used over and over for countless private and corporate events.