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    The Drumsheds

    The Drumsheds London is a largescale and unique venue located next to Tottenham Marshes.

    The Drumshed London is a game-changing venue in Meridian Water. This huge space can host up to 40,000 guests, with events having the potential to run late-night operating hours.

    The venue is made up of ten acres of outdoor space and four colossal interlinked warehouses. The indoor capacity of the building can hold a staggering 10,000, making it the perfect setting for some of the UK’s biggest events.

    This unique site is embracing a new lease of life as it has been revived as a ground-breaking, multi-purpose event space. It hosted its first event this June with music festival Field Day.

    Historically The Drumsheds London was operated as a gasworks between the 1930s – 70s. In 2006 the site underwent remediation and remained unused until now.

    Maximum capacity 40,000
    Maximum indoor capacity 10,000
    Warehouse 4 2,992
    Warehouse 5 7,130
    Warehouse 6 2,336
    Warehouse 9 & 9A 2,566