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    Project London

    Wells Street, London W1T 3QL, United Kingdom

    Tucked away in Fitzrovia, Project is situated just off central London’s Oxford Street.

    Project London is an open plan space with plenty of comfortable seating and spacious booths, with the option to have a secluded VIP room, and is atmospherically under lit by a state of the art lighting rig, and a DJ booth set up so advanced that world renowned DJs have been in awe of. The large LED screens surrounding the club make it a perfect venue to showcase your special event.

    Available equipment: 

    • DJ set 
    • Microphone 
    • Staffing 
    • Light controller system 
    • Flat screens
    • Wardrobe 
    • Storage capacity 
    • Projectors
    • Cashier desk 
    • Fridges
    Seated 200
    Standing 330