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    Cabinet War Rooms

    London SW1A 2AQ, United Kingdom

    Host your event within a historical time machine and venture back to the war within the Cabinet War Rooms, steeped in history and atmosphere.

    Winston Churchill is recognised as one of the greatest individuals ever to walk the course of British history, and nowhere is the scene of his finest hour better illustrated and more intimately experienced than at the Cabinet War Rooms.

    Today the Rooms have been preserved and restored and look just as they did when he last held court here. Your guests can walk down the very corridors that Churchill walked, peer into the War Cabinet Room at the scene left as it was when he last met there, and marvel at the complex of the Map Room, abandoned in 1945 and left frozen in time.

    The whole setting is the perfect scene in which to share Churchill’s taste for a glass of champagne and the catering team will serve your guests with canapés, buffets and dinners that the great man would be proud of.