15 November

Why networking events are so important

A networking event is your chance to market your brand, showcase your achievements, and attract new business. Here are five reasons why they are so important.

Five reasons to book a networking event:

1 – Make new connections

Build business relationships. While online social media has made it easier for businesses to make new connections, the most effective way to network is still face-to-face. According to psychology professor Albert Mehrabian, the majority of our communication is non-verbal. He found that we perform just 7 percent of our communication through the words we speak, while body language and tone of voice account for 55 percent and 38 percent respectively. Therefore, face-to-face networking at an event venue in London will allow you to communicate with your clients in a more meaningful way. Show your passion and drive through your body language and tone of voice.

2 – Gain insights

Learn more about your industry. Talk about the latest industry trends and challenges with your clients and customers, give your opinions, and listen to what they have to say. This is also a great opportunity to gain feedback and identify where your strengths are and where you could improve.

3 – Raise awareness

Build brand recognition. Get people talking about you, your products, and your latest achievements at your London event venue. Network with thought leaders and follow them on social media. In return, they may follow you as well. With more people engaging with your brand during and after the networking event, you can improve your social media presence and online visibility.

4 – Make a mark in your industry

Create an impact.

By choosing a luxury London event venue, you can make the best impression on your guests. Whether it’s top-notch entertainment or a delicious three-course meal from Create Food, give people something they’ll remember for years to come.

5 – Boost your profile.

Enhance your reputation.

Holding a networking event is an excellent way to build trust, demonstrate your organisational skills, and improve people’s perception of your brand. Giving your customers and clients an incredible experience at a luxury events space will also help them remember you in the future.

Interested in booking your own networking event soon?

Whether you’re looking for a small or large event venue in London or elsewhere, get in touch with Venueseeker today. If you have a particular space in mind already, tell us so we can arrange a private viewing.

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