06 May

Interesting (and relevant) ways to use technology at your event

When it comes to technology for events there are a lot of options out there. But unless tech is the focus of your event, it can often create more of a headache than an asset when put into practise.

Here are a few manageable ideas to modernise your event by using technology but in a way that actually enhances the experience, rather than simply causing a distraction.

Use digital boards rather than printing large signs

This is a great way to make dull banners stand out from the crowd by using animation. With a digital board you are also able to change the content easily throughout the event. This means that you could increase advertising revenue by promoting more than one sponsor on the same board at different times. Or you could tailor the displayed content to the time of day, perhaps promoting the next timed activity or speaker and the corresponding sponsor.

If you run events often, this is also a great way to avoid waste, as digital boards are reusable, unlike printed banners.

Live streaming

Cater for people who are unable to attend the event by live streaming key sections. This is particularly effective for presentations, discussions and demonstrations. It could even form an additional revenue stream if you installed a pay wall to view the streaming.

Once edited down, recorded footage from the streaming will also make great content to seed out after the event.

Videoconferencing and Webcasting

Running special videoconferences or webcasting sessions with guest presenters or speakers from your event is a great way to include virtual attendees. This broadens the reach of your event and provides interesting content to promote across the web and social channels.

Videoconferences can also be used in the run up to the event to research what people want, or afterwards to gain feedback.

Camera booths

This may not seem the most revolutionary idea but it is still effective for audience participation and gathering data. Instead of printing photos, upload them to a social site, such as Facebook. This will encourage users to visit your social pages and interact with the brand after the event. Having branded and event appropriate props is an easy way to make these both relevant and fun.

QR Codes

Often overlooked, QR Codes can be a great way to access content quickly. This has particular use at events where the reams of paper attendees are given with timetables, background notes, promotional flyers and marketing materials can become overwhelming.

Clearly displaying QR Codes in areas that are easy to scan means that people are able to pick and choose what information they need whenever they want, without the hassle of carrying it. What better way to streamline your conference!


A quirky idea, if a little spacey, is to project holographic images either onto walls or mist. With the right equipment and set up this can be a novel way to grab interest and spark discussion – both in the room and online.

Augmented reality

Becoming increasingly more accessible, using augmented reality within your event is an effective way to give participants a truly immersive experience and turn attendees into advocates. Definitely at the flashier end of the technology spectrum, but what better way to show an idea than to place the user directly in the centre of a virtual demonstration.


This shouldn’t really be listed as a technology to consider having at an event, rather more as a reminder to make sure that it is present. A great benefit of having interesting technology at your event is that it gives people something to talk about online. Making this easily sharable by providing Wi-Fi connection should therefore be essential.

What technology do you find beneficial at your events? Or perhaps you’d rather steer clear all together? We’d love to hear you thoughts.

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