21 September

Wand-erful Cocktails at The Savoy

The boy wizard is set to be immortalised in cocktail form as part of a new cocktail series, at The Savoy’s Beaufort Bar.

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The Beaufort Bar’s ‘Cocktail of the Moment’ series will kick off in October, and sees the launch of a new magical potion celebrating the fantastical world of JK Rowling.

The cocktail, dubbed The Chosen One, is a mix of beetroot cordial, Benedictine, silver and salted butter. It’s something Professor Snape would be proud of!

The series also sees the launch of other limited edition libations, including The Arkenstone, which celebrates 80 years since the publication of The Hobbit.

The Arkenstone will include mead, ale and other Tolkien-inspired flavours. Finally, Elementary will mark the 125th anniversary of Sherlock Holmes with ingredients providing nods to the detective’s cases as well as his vices (hint: expect absinthe).

So, grab your wands and broomsticks and head to The Savoy this October to magic yourself up a delectable cocktail straight from the wizarding world.

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