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    The Criterion, situated in the heart of Piccadilly Circus, is an elegant and breathtakingly beautiful restaurant. Originally opened in 1874, the Grade II listed lavish space embraces the Main Dining room, the semi-private Terrace area and the world-famous Criterion Long Bar, adding warmth and softness to the spectacular interiors.

    As you sit and lose yourself in the opulence of the neo-Byzantine architecture, it’s easy to conjure up visions of the Criterion Restaurant’s glorious past.

    Head Chef Artan Hasa has created a Modern European menu that is simple and luxurious, and it is their aim to source the highest possible quality ingredients from within the British Isles. Criterion are a member of the Sustainable Restaurant Association and work alongside them to continually improve our sustainability.

    Criterion fish is chosen every morning from across the British Isles & delivered the same day to ensure freshness. The meat is all rare breed, sourced from individual farms, free range and outdoor reared, hung for a minimum of five weeks and butchered on the premises. Criterion make our bread and churn their own butter. Also they smoke their own fish and make our their pasta, ricotta, ice cream and sorbet.

    You can become part of history and walk in the footsteps of famous names and faces from TV, film, books & history. From when Sir Arthur Conan Doyle first imagined the meeting between Dr. Watson and the enigmatic Sherlock Holmes, in the Criterion Long Bar, to the gatherings of the proud suffragettes, and how their resolute discussions changed the face of democracy, or the charged negotiations between Winston Churchill and David Lloyd George as the two political titans thrashed out their views.

    If the walls could talk, they would surely remember the celebrations at the Royal College of Science’s First Annual Dinner, the Chairman that night was none other than H.G. Wells, the pioneer of science fiction.
    From Downton Abbey’s Lady Edith to the epic Hollywood production of ‘Batman: The Dark Knight’, ‘A Good Year’, ‘London Boulevard’ or ‘Rush’, The Criterion echoes glamour and sophistication from a time gone by.

    Seated Dinner 160-250
    Reception 250-400