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12 May

Choosing the Event Theme That’s Right for You

Deciding on a theme for you event can be the hardest thing in the world. Do you play safe and stick with something that you know, or go for a more risky curve ball that could really get people talking?

Whether it’s designed to complement the reason behind your event or simply to help guests have a good time, choosing a successful and achievable theme can be easier said than done. Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling.

Circus Themed Event

What better way to break the ice than with juggling balls, spinning plates and a diablo set. These can be easy to organise and provide endless entertainment. Combine this with circus themed food such as mini popcorn buckets, hot dogs and candy floss and you’re good to go. Oh, and don’t forget the odd red nose and comedy clown shoes to boot!

Steampunk Themed Event

A great way to satisfy the sci-fi geeks amongst us whilst avoiding any awkward Star Trek moments, steampunk is a great edgy alternative. For the ladies, think bodices and top hats. For the men, tailored jackets and an eye piece. For smaller gatherings, why not try a Victorian themed murder mystery to really get your guests involved.

Zombie Themed Event

Not only in fashion during Halloween, Zombie themed events are probably still more suited for dark winter evenings. However, they can make for some of the most interesting food ideas. With un-dead blood punch, exposed brain cupcakes and gruesome cocktail sausage fingers, the zombie apocalypse really could be coming from a kitchen near you.

Superheroes Themed Event

Everybody loves a superhero and this couldn’t be more the case at the moment as our cinema screens are full of them. So why not capitalise on this popularity with a little fancy dress. Or for those with more conservative guests, provide costumes on arrival in the form of a cape and pants – to be worn over trousers of course! With the range of merchandise currently available, goodie bags shouldn’t be too tricky to source either.

Bohemian Themed Event

Coming into Autumn, it’s not too late for a little boho-chic. Probably better suited for a female orientated event, this can be a great way to embrace the changing seasons and the changing weather! Think earthy tones and a rustic setting. The trick here is to make a well planned and executed event feel like it’s simply been thrown together as a passing whim.

Need more inspiration for your event theme?

Pinterest can be a great source for gathering ideas and images of how you’d like your event to look. And when looking for props and set dressing, don’t forget that charity shops and bric-a-brac sales can often be a real treasure trove. Alternatively, for that professional shine and stress free management, give yourself a break and simply hire an agency to organise your event for you!

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