02 October

How to Choose Your Next Conference Venue

Conferences, especially when you’re including outside clients say a lot about your business and work ethic. Gone are the days of stuffy, white-walled boardrooms but in this day and age, you can get exceptional conference venues at affordable rates. But, how do you separate the good from the bad?

When planning a conference, it’s important to keep your objectives for the event in mind and ask yourself these questions:


Is it accessible? 

Sure, cars and mobiles are all fitted with GPS technology, but can you afford to have your delegates travel for hours or even worse get lost because your location is off the grid? Choosing a venue that’s centrally located to either a city centre or relatively close to a motorway, bus stop or railway can put everyone at ease while ensuring that everyone also arrives on time.

Additionally, accessibility also relates to the venue itself. Is there sufficient parking? Are there handicapped facilities available on site such as ramps and support railings?


What kind of facilities are available?

Looking at boardrooms, seating, breakaway rooms and dining areas, each space needs to be able to accommodate the amount of people you’re expecting. If your event is spanning over several days, be sure to look into accommodation options for your delegates too.

For instance, if you’re expecting a lot of people, consider choosing a venue that has an auditorium. Additionally, ensure that there is a strong enough Wi-Fi signal for all of the delegates to use.


Is equipment and stationery included?

Presentations are a big part of any conference and it’s important that your venue accommodates your devices, expectations and stationery needs. AV equipment that is compatible with your MAC, PC, Tablet or other device is imperative. Things like adaptors, cables, extension leads and plug points should all be taken into account when inspecting your prospective venue.

Many places include the hire of AV equipment and can also arrange customised stationery.


Is there on-site catering available?

Choosing a venue that has a full kitchen and staff on-site can help you cut costs. Many external caterers will charge site, travel and hourly rates for their chefs, whereas on-site catering means set-menus, full kitchens and you can liaise with the team on the day should any last minute changes be needed.


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