11 September

You Can Now Bungee Jump at the O2

Seen enough magnificent views of London to last a lifetime? Well it might be time to take in the sights from a different angle. Upside down, perhaps.

If you’re brave enough to leap off a 160ft crane at the o2 Arena, you can do just that. The adventure begins with a safety briefing in the O2 car park, before you’re off on a 160ft ascent over the city. You can take the plunge over water or onto an airbag (both options sound quite terrifying to us). You can also opt for a tandem jump with someone you trust very much indeed.

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After you’ve jumped, the bungee rope will snap back like an elastic band while you take in those lovely views of the city. Sounds fun, doesn’t it? If you want to book a ticket, we salute you. You can do it here.

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