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Manhattan Loft Gardens

Coming soon, the Manhattan Loft Gardens near Stratford International will feature two luxury restaurants, three sky gardens, high-end living spaces and a design hotel.

About the Manhattan Loft Gardens

469 feet high and 42 storeys, the Manhattan Loft Gardens offers dazzling views of the City skyline and the Olympic Park that hosted the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Described by the Sunday Times Style Magazine as ‘London sexiest new skyscraper’, this innovative double-cantilevered tower was designed by the internationally acclaimed architect firm SOM, and includes 248 loft apartments and a 146-room hotel. The company behind the project is the Manhattan Loft Corporation, which also refurbished the world-famous St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, one of the most sought-after London events venues for corporate functions.

State of the art facilities

The Manhattan Loft Gardens has a luxury gym, cinema and spa, and a triple-height lobby which houses the restaurant, bar and an open piazza with direct access to Stratford International station. That makes it an ideal choice for busy commuters who want to stop off for a quick coffee or a bite to eat before they head off to work. The development has also been designed with high ceilings and tall windows to maximise the availability of natural light during the short winter days.

Manhattan Loft Gardens

Integrated outdoor spaces

Every apartment in the Manhattan Loft Gardens is within nine stories of an outdoor space, with beautiful gardens on the 7th, 35th and 36th floor. In fact, the top of the tower has a spectacular roof garden, where residents will enjoy one of the finest panoramic views in London.

Where is the Manhattan Loft Gardens?

The Manhattan Loft Gardens site is conveniently located between Stratford International Station and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. That means it’s easily accessible from the City and the West End, as well as famous tourist attractions and London events venues like the Tower of London. In addition, the area is only a 6-minute journey to St Pancras and its Eurostar connections, 19 minutes to Oxford Circus, and 15 minutes from London City Airport, which provides daily flights to New York.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for a luxury venue for a special event near Stratford International or elsewhere in London, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Venueseeker today.

Why you should consider booking venues outside of London

London has a reputation for being the number one place to throw an event. There is good reason for this as its travel network can make it more accessible than any other UK city. It also has a vast array of venues on offer. But that isn’t everything.

Here are four reasons why you should consider hosting your event outside of London:

  1. Price

While London undoubtedly has some sublime venues on offer, you can end up paying a large premium just to be in a central location if you are not careful. It is always worth checking out what’s on offer outside of London so you know you are getting the best deal. You may be able to get a better venue for less, without much travel time added on.

  1. Accessibility

You may not need to add on any travel time as London is not always as accessible as people think. While it has good train links, driving through ‘the big smoke’, let alone finding a parking space, can be a nightmare. Think about how many of your guests will plan to get to the venue. If most of them will be driving, you may find a venue outside of London with plenty of car parking space is less of a hassle for those attending.

The sheer size of London can make venues hard to reach if they are not near larger stations such as Kings Cross and Waterloo. Whereas cities such a Manchester and Leeds still have good train networks and being smaller, they are easier to drive in.

venues outside London

  1. Outdoor space

London is often a victim of its own success. Due to its popularity, it is difficult to find many venues with large outdoor space. For many this may not be an issue but if you were planning an outdoor wedding, outdoor corporate team building activities or a treasure hunt, you may find a more suitable venue outside of the city. Sure, London venues with rolling hills do exist, look at Alexandra Palace, for example, but these spaces are few and far between and get booked up quickly. And lets not even talk about the cost of Ally Pally!

  1. Availability

Speaking of getting booked up, London being a ‘city that never sleeps’ means that its venues are often fully booked far in advance of the most popular dates. Perhaps you can be flexible on when you’re throwing your party, but if you specifically want to host on a bank holiday weekend, you may find outside of London gives you far more options to play with.

Purezza: a plant-based paradise for Pizza lovers

Vegans, pizza lovers and hipsters across London have reason to celebrate as the UK’s only fully vegan wood-fired pizzeria is coming to Camden. This jaunty brand has already taken Brighton by storm. Despite only opening in 2015, the owners are already branching out.

Its delectable pizza menu offers bases of sough dough, hemp flour or gluten-free. These are heaped with vegan ‘mozzarella’ – a unique blend of chickpeas, organic Italian brown rice and oil. This is finally a cheese you can gorge on guilt-free as it is half the calories and less fat than normal mozzarella, without compromising on taste. Just what’s needed after Christmas!

This is served up with hearty doses of salads and raw delicacies. If you don’t fancy a pizza, opt for pea-protein burgers, pasta or a bowl of courgetti. Finish off the meal with a sophisticated cashew-based cheese board or a vegan-friendly creme brulee.

This edgy new dining spot can seat up to 100 people across two floors and it is just a two-minute walk from Camden Town tube station, making it an ideal venue for dinners and drinks receptions. Veganism is becoming increasingly mainstream across the UK, and Purezza goes to great lengths to ensure their food is not just great because it’s vegan, but delicious for meat eaters and omnivores alike.


The bar boasts a decadent array of wine, cocktails and beers. For the more health conscious it also offers an array of soft drinks, with everything from green tea and diet coke to almond and oat cappuccinos. For those who can’t decide between coffee and cocktails, Purezza makes life easy for you. There are Baileys lattes and pumpkin spiced rum lattes on offer in this plant-based paradise.

This vegan nirvana will be opening its doors in London in February 2018, giving meat-free foodies something to get them through the January blues.

Camden is fast becoming a hotspot for vegetarian cuisine, with V Burger, Young Vegans and Hash Green already established as firm favourites among Camden’s restaurant goers.

What not to do when booking a venue

Throwing the perfect event is a juggling act. The art is in not only sticking to a tight budget and using your creative flair, but also managing to get a hundred jobs done on time for the big day. Perhaps you’ve got your event checklist sorted, but are you aware of what you shouldn’t be doing?

Here are four big ‘don’ts’ when planning an event:

Don’t sign any contracts before reading them through

Before you pay for anything, ask for a detailed breakdown of all the costs. This includes contacting your venue directly and ask for all of their terms and conditions. This means you can make sure you are not paying any hidden fees. For example, some venues will charge extra for every 15 minutes your event overruns, others will charge for bottle corkage.

Don’t keep your options open

Do your homework before speaking to an events professional. A few years ago the only option available when looking for a venue was to contact an events firm and ask what was available. While this can be invaluable, you can end up paying more. Today, there is plenty you can do on your own before reaching out for expert help.  You can find hundreds of comparison sites for venues across the UK and beyond. We can help you shortlist spaces that suit your needs and because we’re the experts we’ll be able to suggest venues you’ve never even heard of.

But don’t be boring!

While comparison sites have revolutionised the events industry, there is still a time and place for events professionals to give you a helping hand. Some of the venues listed across comparison sites can be very beige. Yes, they have a DJ booth, good transport links and don’t charge for the cloakroom, but there is much more to throwing an event that that kind of checklist.

A bit of creativity and vision can turn your event from a fun night to something unforgettable. While a robot may be able to stick to a checklist, speak to an events professional and/or use your imagination for something extra special. Stunning events have been thrown in schools, forests and back gardens. The chances are, none of these locations would have come up in a bog-standard comparison website, but Venueseeker Black is where we like to list venues a bit out of the ordinary.

What not to do when booking a venue

Don’t leave anything to chance

You may think everything is confirmed, but go back and check again that it absolutely is. This goes for formal agreements as well as ensuring all equipment is ready to go. We advise that you visit the venue before your event to test things like the WiFi, plug sockets and power generators. If you test everything yourself before the big occasion you will have plenty of time to coordinate with the venue staff to overcome problems and avoid any hiccups during your party.

Brothers Grimm Cocktails at German Gymnasium

It’s looking at bit Grimm at this time of year, so why not brighten up your nights at the German Gymnasium in Kings Cross? The Grimm Brothers were famous for folk law classics such as Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel and Rumpelstiltskin.

This north London restaurant, owned by D&D London, has partnered with German airline Lufthansa and drinks companies Fever Tree and Monkey 47 to create a most enchanting event. Just like Rapunzel, you can let down your hair in this magical space that has been adorned with fairy lights and winter decor with nostalgic props from some of the Grimm Brothers most popular yarns.

Allow yourself to be bewitched with the German Gymnasium’s own edition of the original 1812 storybook, in the form of a cocktail list. Little Red Riding Hoods are served up in wolf-decorated German Steins – all the better to drink with. Inside you’ll find a concoction of Monkey 47 gin, blueberries, apple juice and Fever Tree tonic.

If you order a Cinderella, you will be swept off your feet with a Lillet Rouge, rinomato bitter infused coffee beans, ginger ale and ice as cold as the wicked stepmother’s heart.Grimm’s Potion is another alluring cocktail. Priced at £10.50, it features hot gin and tonic, apple juice and blueberries. Let’s hope the Snow White isn’t a poisoned apple.

Brothers Grimm cocktails at German Gymnasium

Any wolves in grandma’s clothing will find their alarmingly big ears are all the better for listening to the stories being told on the mystical ‘World of Tales’ terrace. These myths will be accompanied by first-class dishes cooked by executive chef Bjoern Wassmuth.

Rather than serving up little girls in red cloaks, Wassmuth is providing “bold and flavoursome” wintery classics such as roasted chestnuts, oysters and caviar. There is also a selection of German sausages, with Currywurst and Bratwurst which can be turned into hot dogs – all the better for eating with.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? When it comes to restaurants, we can safely say its the German Gymnasium this winter.

The ‘World of Tales’ event, hosted on the venue’s roof terrace is open seven days now until 28th February 2018.

Dinner at The Lampery? Why not!

Book an event at The Lampery restaurant or adjoining Apex City of London Hotel before 31st March 2018 and we’ll treat you and a friend to dinner for two at the newly refurbished Lampery bar and restaurant, in the City of London.

With three large main areas within the restaurant itself, plus meeting and events spaces throughout the adjoining Apex City of London Hotel, the venue is ideal for multiple uses – accommodation on site, delish seasonal food and for guests who want to be pampered; there is a spa onsite as well.

To take advantage of this offer make your event booking with us, then you and a guest can enjoy dinner in The Lampery for free! The perfect January pick me up!

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Event booking value must be at least £750 (ex-VAT) or more.
  2. Event must be booked and confirmed by Friday 2nd February 2018.
  3. Booking to be taken by Saturday 31st March 2018.
  4. Dinner at The Lampery, worth up to £50, reservation and confirmation required before arrival.
  5. Date for dinner dependent on availability.
  6. Offer is non-transferable.

Step into the Light at London Lumiere

Illuminated singing seesaws, flamingos and Matisse-inspired animation will be spotted across London from 18th to 21st January, as part of a free outdoor light festival. Lumiere London will be produced by the Artichoke Trust in partnership with more than 40 international artists and supported by London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Those travelling around London will be able to spot the free-to-visit luminous installations featured in public spaces and buildings in Mayfair to Chinatown, Westminster to South Bank. Kings Cross will feature an immersive ‘underwater world’ for those who want to throw themselves into light festivals at the deep end. There will also be a ‘meditation on time’ with installations representing the industrial revolution to the present day.

Khan has described the installations as “show-stopping” as they are “reimagining London’s iconic architecture and streets”. The four days of light in London’s cold winter streets will help to keep the Christmas cheer going well into January.

Lumiere London

The producer, Artichoke Trust, has been bringing the UK’s largest light festival to cities across the UK ever since their 2009 launch in Durham. They gather international artists who transform urban landscapes with their luminous installations. This year, Artichoke Trust and the London tourist board are joining forces to make the free festival more spectacular than ever.

Most installations will be brightening up your skies between 5:30pm and 10:30pm. Being the largest night-time celebration of its kind, this glow-in-the-dark festival is situated across six different areas, meaning it is spread out across central London to avoid too much overcrowding. As there is far too much excitement to see in one night, we recommend you plan a couple of evenings to tour this spectacular event.

To give you an idea of the size, the 2016 London Lumiere event reportedly attracted 1.3 million visitors who spent about £22 million. Artichoke is currently working with the Mayor of London to organise about 300 volunteers to make the event run smoothly. The Mayor is also organising community projects in outer London boroughs to make sure that all Londoners can have a taste of the fun.

How to Budget for Events

One word: spreadsheets. No event planner is complete without them. However, before you start creating your Excel masterpiece, here are a few tips to help you budget for events.

At Venueseeker we find it helpful to start by pinpointing what the focus of the event is. Doing this can help you to decide what to prioritise in your budget and what is less important.

Where is your budget coming from?

Once you have your key goals written down, it’s important to work out how much cash you’ve got to play with. To do this you need to be realistic about how much money you will get from each source. Is your event guest invitation only or are they paying to be there? How many key sponsors are you sure you can get on board for a conference? All of these aspects will shape your budget, so it is important you know what financing model you are working with.

Where is your budget going?

Split your trusty spreadsheet into four categories: the item that you’re spending on; the projected expense of this item; the actual expense and then any additional comments and details you need to include.

It is important to confirm your venue as soon as possible as not only will this one of your largest costs, but it will also shape the budget for most other expenditures. For example, some costs may be included with the venue, such as sound systems. If the destination is hard to reach you may need to include extra transport costs and its size will dictate how many people you can invite.

The technology available to you is also tied in with your venue choice. The space may not allow a DJ set or it may come with cinematic screens built in for example.

budget for events

Beware for extra costs in the small print

Some venues will also charge to external catering firms or it may limit the number of people that can have a seated meal. Some venues may charge for bottle corkage. All of these things will be listed in the terms and conditions of the venue, so be sure to read through them carefully to avoid any nasty surprises. This will also allow you to start filling in your catering ‘projected expenses’ and possibly some of your ‘actual expenses’ too.

What if something goes wrong?

At any event it is vital that you have a contingency fund in case of disasters. Depending on the size of your do, this could be as much as 20% of your budget. Even the most meticulous planners will experience unexpected costs that go above your projected expenses. By factoring such a heavy margin you can ensure you always work within your means.

Creative Spaces: Event Spaces in Galleries across the UK

Hosting your event in an art gallery creates an atmosphere of elegance and creativity. And, amidst the canapés, works of art of provide plenty of additional food for thought. We host events in galleries across the country, including some of our favourites in Oxford, Wakefield, Gateshead, Margate, St. Ives and Liverpool.

Even when the British weather gets baltic, there’s no need to hibernate from the party scene. The Baltic Mill in Gateshead is the ideal space to throw exquisite events all year round. It has dramatic and intimate rooms for hire for an array of events, including a rooftop restaurant (perhaps save that one for the summer months). The Baltic 39 is usually a vibrant hub for contemporary artists, but it also makes for a popular choice for corporate events, hosting 20 people.

Margate’s Turner Contemporary Gallery is a favourite among party-throwers and artists alike. Situated on the coast, the stunning building was designed by award-winning architect, David Chipperfield. The venue makes a modern and spacious backdrop, perfect for weddings, corporate parties and private events.

The Hepworth, Wakefield, is not only a stunning gallery but also boasts a purpose-built auditorium which is ideal if you want to throw a larger event. The flexible space is situated on the ground floor of the gallery, with expansive windows giving your guests breath-taking river views. As the Auditorium is fully fitted with Wi-Fi and extensive audio-visual facilities is makes a great space for a conference or product demonstration. It top of the range facilities include a large screen, integrated projector and free standing lectern. It holds up to 100 people standing or up to 90 for dining.

If it’s not art you’re after, have a look at the Pitt Rivers Museum – one of the world’s great museums of anthropology and world archaeology. This means your guests can dance the night away among intriguing artefacts from many periods throughout human history. It’s sure to be a conversation starter. The Museum’s Court can hold up to 200 guests for drinks receptions and the museum lecture theatre can seat a maximum of 70 people. If you’re looking for a more intimate space, there is the Blackwood Room which seats 30 around a table or 45 people lecture theatre-style.

Last but certainly not least, we host everything from parties to conferences at the Tate. It is a space that hardly needs an introduction. This includes both the Tate Modern and Tate Britain in London, but it’s not only London we’re talking about. There is the Tate Liverpool situated is in the historic Albert Dock, where guests will not any get an eyeful of stunning artworks, but also the River Mersey and the spectacular Liverpool Waterfront. Or, you can escape the city at the Tate St Ives, Cornwall. This beachfront gallery has dramatic views of the Atlantic ocean as well as having some pretty impressive sights hanging on it’s walls.

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Still looking for that perfect creative space? Get in touch!

5 Amazing Exhibition Spaces in London

We’ve always said that there are many, many factors that make up a brilliant exhibition; the atmosphere, the organisation, the lighting, the seating arrangements… all of these are doubtlessly vital to any event’s success.

However, despite the significance of each and every one of these things, none of them can truly take off without a top-notch exhibition venue in which they can take place.

As such, it’s probably fair to say that the venue itself is the real deciding factor when it all comes down to it, and this is precisely why you – as event organisers – should absolutely take the time to seek out the very best venues for your needs and requirements.

In London we’re blessed with a wide and impressive range of exhibition venues. The city is packed with historic buildings which buzz with character, distinction and stories to tell… and they sit side by side with the urbane, the sleek, the unusual and ultra-modern.

People travel from all over the world to gaze in wonder at London’s unique and varied architecture, and to hold a product exhibition in one of our capital’s stunning buildings or facilities is a major draw in and of itself.

To make use of a characterful London exhibition space is to make a bold statement about your event, and is sure to leave a powerful and lasting impression.

At Venueseeker, we’re always on the lookout for exhibition spaces in London which tick all the boxes we expect of our venues: flexibility, character, distinction and high levels of capability.

We’ve chosen five venues for you to look at, and to consider for when you’re next in need of a high quality exhibition venue. Believe us; you won’t be disappointed with what you find!

Top Tips for Choosing an Exhibition Venue

Below, we’ll be highlighting some of our favourite exhibition spaces in London for you to consider. However, before we get stuck into the main course of this article, here’s a brief appetiser with a couple of top tips to think about when choosing a venue.

Beware of Pillars

Columns, pillars, props and physical barriers of any sort can be a real problem when organising exhibition events. Why? Simply because for this kind of event, visibility and clarity of view is absolutely essential. Make sure you’re choosing a venue with a wide open interior space, where all of your guests will have uninterrupted lines of sight to what’s going on!

Think Drinks

Before and after (and possibly even during) your presentation, it’s likely your attendees are going to be in need of some refreshments. Venues which boast fully stocked bars and other food and drinks facilities are a must!

Our Pick of Top London Exhibition Venues

Royal Mint Court, Tower Hill

  • Capacity: up to 300 guests
  • Best for: focused, daytime exhibitions
  • What makes it unique: an imposing building with beautiful natural light, and a fantastic location in the heart of London.

This striking and imposing venue sits close to the centre of London, and next to the iconic Tower Bridge – making it an ideal site for events wanting to gain plenty of international attention!

Situated in the Royal Mint Court, this exhibition space is purpose-built, modern, and comes with all the facilities and equipment you’d expect from a busy London venue.

High-spec audio-visual set-ups, Wi-Fi throughout and a fully stocked cafe and bar can be found in this space, and for daytime events, organisers can make full use of the natural sunlight which streams through the large windows of this highly popular building.

exhibition venue

The Jetty

  • Capacity: up to 400 guests
  • Best for: quirky, unusual and creative exhibitions
  • What makes it unique: fascinating architectural design and use of space, and perfect for summer events when the riverside location can be used to its full potential.

The Jetty is situated in London’s latest cool quarter: the former industrial site of Greenwich peninsula. It’s a greenhouse venue, which means it’s flooded with natural light, and offers a quirky and light-hearted backdrop to a wide range of events.

For those looking to hold exhibitions here, organisers will find The Jetty to be a great blank canvas venue where presentations can be held, food can be served, and a relaxing and memorable time can be had by all.

1 Wimpole Street

  • Capacity: up to 300 guests
  • Best for: serious-but-stylish exhibition events
  • What makes it unique: this historic building has changed with the times to become one of London’s leading exhibition venues, and boasts a wide range of facilities.

1 Wimpole Street has been the home of the Royal Society of Medicine since 1912, and it offers delegates and events attendees the chance to experience authentic Edwardian elegance and style. However, this is no antiquated oddity of a building; over the decades, 1 Wimpole Street has consistently reinvented and updated itself, to ensure it can meet the demands of 21st century events and exhibitions with absolute capability.

The imposing and impressive facade gives way to reveal conference rooms and exhibition spaces aplenty, all fully stocked with every modern convenience you would require.

Bermondsey Party Venue

  • Capacity: up to 120 guests
  • Best for: edgy, cool and creative exhibitions
  • What makes it unique: a fantastic location and unusual design makes this Bermondsey venue a highly fashionable choice for style-conscious exhibitions

Easily accessible by public transport, this fascinating venue is the perfect choice for those looking to inject a bit of style into their London exhibition. Set inside a unique railway arch, your guests will doubtlessly be wowed by the architecture of the space, and will be sure to have a memorable time.

This is a perfect blank canvas venue, with a wide range of capabilities and facilities for creative organisers to take full advantage of.

Lights of Soho

  • Capacity: 120
  • Best for: cool, contemporary and hip exhibitions
  • What makes it unique: a long list of famous patrons, a striking and stylish look… this venue is unique from head to toe!

If you’re looking for an exhibition venue in London which is sure to make a powerful and stylish impact, and will be fondly remembered by your guests for years to come, then this might just be the one for you.

An arty hub, and the so-called home of neon art in the UK, it’s a multi-coloured day-glo fantasy of a space, with boundless flexibility for all manner of events.

lights of soho london | exhibition spaces

Top Venue = Top Event

There’s no doubt about the fact that a venue can make or break any event, and if you want your exhibition to go off with a bang, you’ve got to seek out a space that’s best for you and your needs.

We are committed to discovering and uncovering some real gems of venues and exhibition spaces for you to make use of. We’ve long since established ourselves as industry leaders, and we’d be delighted to help you make your memorable and impactful event a reality.

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