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5 Exclusive Venues In North London You Have To Check Out

Here in London, we’re incredibly lucky to have access to some truly amazing events spaces. Whether you’re looking for small, intimate rooms for a meeting, vast, cavernous spaces for conferences or launches, or something tasteful and in between the two, there’s no doubt that the capital has something perfect for your needs, just waiting to be discovered. We’re particularly fond of taking our clients north of the river, where countless fantastic locations can be found. Indeed, if you’re after arty, unique, exclusive venues in North London, you’re sure to be impressed by what’s on offer

At Venueseeker, we’re always on the lookout for unusual and exclusive North London venues. This part of the city has defined itself in recent years as an unofficial creative quarter, meaning there are more superb venues to choose from than ever before.

As ever, we’re more than keen to introduce our clientele to venues which are capable of dealing with almost any kind of event; fully-stocked, professionally-run, and featuring all of the mod cons and bits of tech kit you could possibly need, these venues really do have what it takes to make your event a truly memorable one.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a rundown of some of our favorite North London venues which feature an arty, creative, and one-of-a-kind twist, perfect for helping your happening hit new heights.

Arts Factory

When your guests or attendees step inside the Arts Factory, they’ll be faced with an awe-inspiring space, which perfectly embodies the vibrant scene currently taking over the Regent’s Canal Zone.

With its urban chic and industrial feel, this is a venue which offers events organizers no end of creative inspiration – there are rooms of all sizes, each offering a brilliantly artistic backdrop suitable for all kinds of gatherings.

With an on-site cafe and plenty of state-of-the-art multimedia equipment, this venue is a fully-stocked, multifunctional blank canvas onto which you can project your wildest ideas!

  • Capacity: up to 400 guests
  • Best for: conferences, launches
  • What makes it special: unique, unusual and highly versatile, the Arts Factory deserves its reputation as one of the capital’s leading creative venues.

Arts Factory Exclusive Venue

Foundling Museum

If you’re on the lookout for an artistic, elegant and utterly beautiful venue with which to inspire and impress your event’s attendees, the Foundling Museum is a truly spectacular choice to opt for. Featuring magnificent Rococo interiors, majestic original artworks and a wealth of paintings, sculptures, and tapestries, it’s the kind of place you could lose yourself for hours.

It’s a venue with plenty of stories to tell, too – it once played host to both Hogarth and Handel, and if you’re in need of a space which speaks volumes about London’s creative history, this one ticks every box very nicely indeed.

With Euston and Russell Square stations only a short walk away, the Foundling Museum is a unique events venue close to the center of London which feels as though it’s a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Wonderful!

  • Capacity: up to 200 guests
  • Best for: receptions and conferences
  • What makes it special: this beautiful museum is the epitome of London elegance and boasts plenty of features that make it the perfect venue for impressing guests.

Foundling Museum - Venues in North London


Situated in Farringdon, Headspace is a place where creativity happens, and out-the-box thinking is the norm.

With its series of minimalistic meeting rooms and conference spaces, this is a venue where you can really feel like you’re in the beating heart of one of the world’s most dynamic and vibrant cities.

Capable of dealing with everything from team-building yoga workshops to full-blown product launches, the team at Headspace pride themselves on their versatility and flexibility.

Packed with top-end multimedia equipment and more besides, you’re sure to feel in tune with London’s creative sector, should you choose to use this exciting space for your next event.

  • Capacity: up to 150 guests
  • Best for: creative meetings, board meetings, launches
  • What makes it special: purpose-made with the creative, young, happening scene of London in mind, Headspace is the perfect example of a 21st-century events venue.

Headspace exclusive venue

Islington Metalworks

If you want a venue which perfectly encapsulates the unique street style of modern London, look no further than this funky, stunningly designed and utterly creative North London venue.

Islington Metalworks is conveniently located just behind Angel station, and while the building itself was originally a stable (housing the horses that pulled trams for London Transport, no less), today it’s one of the capital’s coolest hangouts and corporate venues for hire.

Stunningly designed with a distinctly British rock ‘n’ roll vibe, combining vintage charm with edgy modernity, it’s the kind of venue that’s ideal for creating lasting memories and impressing your guests.

Islington Metalworks is run by a dedicated team of creative professionals, and with its catering team and on-site kitchen, it’s capable of dealing with even the most demanding events in style.

  • Capacity: up to 300 guests
  • Best for: exhibitions, workshops, receptions
  • What makes it special: funky, urbane, effortlessly cool, Islington Metalworks is the perfect modern London venue for those looking for something outside of the ordinary.

Islington Metalworks


The Roundhouse is an amazingly diverse and flexible venue. On the one hand, it boasts an enormous, cavernous and deeply atmospheric main hall measuring 1,300m2. On the other, it also features a whole range of other, smaller spaces, each perfectly designed to suit the needs of a wide array of different events and functions.

This is one of London’s most popular and iconic venues, and it’s held host to all kinds of parties, concerts, exhibitions, and conferences since it was converted from being a steam engine repair house into a legendary arts venue in the 60’s.

All of the greats have appeared on its revered stage – Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and many, much more besides… so it’s safe to say that booking this venue for your next event is sure to leave your attendees very excited indeed.

  • Capacity: up to 1800 guests
  • Best for: large scale events, parties, meetings
  • What makes it special: a truly iconic north London venue, the Roundhouse is the ultimate when it comes to making a huge impression on any creative event.

Roundhouse exclusive venues in north london

Exclusive, Creative, Inspiring: North London Events Venues You Cannot Miss!

As we’ve seen, north London really is the place to be if you’re looking for exclusive and exciting artistic venues. The creative scene in this part of the city has never been in better form, and it’s deeply encouraging to see so many new places open their doors to private and corporate events – we genuinely love uncovering them all for your use and enjoyment!

Here at Venueseeker, we’ve dedicated years to perfecting the art of discovering the best venues for all manner of events. Whether you’re looking to organize a conference, a party, a simple meeting or a gigantic product launch evening (as well as everything in between), we’ve got the insider knowledge to help you find the perfect place.

That’s why we’re recognized as true industry leaders, and that’s what drives us to constantly improve our services, our scope, and our ability to stay on top of this ever-changing city! Get in touch today to find out how we can help you realize your events management dreams!

Cinema Underground

The Best Underground Venues London Has To Offer

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of mood, atmosphere, and ambiance. Whether you’re organizing a product launch, a corporate party, an exhibition, workshop, or meeting, hitting the right note when it comes to the vibe of your event is key.

We’re lucky in London to have access to dozens of amazing underground venues; hidden subterranean spaces which ooze charm and exclusivity, and which allow you to explore a side of the city which many people simply don’t realize exist.

Underground venues in London have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it isn’t difficult to see why. They offer event organizers an alternative reality in which to project their ideas, space which celebrates the urban history of the city. Innately creative, edgy and undeniably cool, these London underground venues are sure to add some serious street cred to your upcoming event.

At Venueseeker, we’re always on the lookout for the hottest and most atmospheric underground venues to offer our extensive clientele. We’ve picked out seven of our favorites for you today – take a look, and start imagining what you might be able to do with them!

Old Billingsgate Vaults

With its low ceilings, impressive brickwork and atmospheric arches and tunnels, Old Billingsgate Vaults have earned an envious reputation as one of London’s coolest and most sought-after underground venues.

Moody and dynamic, it’s the ultimate subterranean canvas onto which you can project your wildest ideas and most awe-inspiring plans.

Old Billingsgate Vaults is fully kitted out with some seriously impressive sound, lighting and projection technology; too, meaning you can really ramp up the ambiance with this amazing and unique events space!

  • Capacity: up to 800 guests
  • Best for: wowing large numbers of guests, parties, and gatherings
  • What makes it unique: a stunning urban subterranean space showcasing some of the most innovative architectural styles in the city, Old Billingsgate Vaults is an unforgettable venue sure to make a powerful impact!

Underground venue Old Billingsgate Vaults

Dirty Bones

There is no shortage of bars, restaurants and party spaces in London, but if you’re looking for something bang on-trend, exclusive and more than a little secretive, Dirty Bones is the underground venue in London for you!

Access to this subterranean party space is via an unassuming hot dog stand, and once down the flights of stairs, revelers and guests will be wowed by the space that they uncover. Designed by award-winning interiors whizz Lee Broom, it’s as eclectic as it is funky, and this venue is just as ideal for a casual corporate dinner as it is for a wild late night party!

  • Capacity: up to 200 guests
  • Best for: intimate events, meetings, dinners
  • What makes it unique: secretive and quirky, this is a venue which really captures the feel of an old-time speakeasy!

Dirty Bones interior

The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is quickly gaining attention as one of London’s most exciting and dynamic blank canvas venues. It’s housed in an amazing urban space, featuring impressive underground vaulted arches, hidden tunnels, and plenty of moody exposed brickwork – perfect for setting the scene for your product launch, meeting or function.

Guests can explore this unique space; learn about the building’s role in the history of the postal service, and even take a ride on a miniature train through the century-old tunnels!

  • Capacity: up to 200 guests
  • Best for: private parties and awards ceremonies
  • What makes it unique: a fascinating underground London venue packed full of amazing architectural features, informative displays, and secret urban history!

The Postal Museum interior

The Barrel Project

While not strictly speaking an underground venue, the Barrel Project is located in a railway arch, which is the next best thing here in the capital. Once your guests have entered the space, they’ll be dazzled by the sight of Burgundy and Bordeaux barrels, stacked eight feet high along the walls.

The effect is one which blends the urbane with the rustic, the vintage with the contemporary… and it’s highly atmospheric, and perfect for more casual affairs with more than a touch of sophistication. The Barrel Project also boasts a food prep area and fully stocked bar, meaning your attendees are sure to find plenty to enjoy!

  • Capacity: up to 150 guests
  • Best for: parties, receptions, conference workshops
  • What makes it unique: the warm lighting and backdrop of wine barrels create a fascinating atmosphere, perfect for quirky events looking to make a positive impression.

The Barrel Project Interior

Bankside Vaults

With its fantastic central riverside location next to Blackfriars station, Bankside Vaults has become a hub for those looking for underground venues in London that pack in some serious character and ambiance.

Gritty, urban and effortlessly cool, this massive subterranean space built into four interlinking arches is the ultimate blank canvas – it has the versatility and full tech setup required to become pretty much anything you desire.

  • Capacity: up to 2000 guests
  • Best for: large-scale parties, fashion shows, corporate networking events
  • What makes it unique: this vast underground space boasts several distinct rooms and zones, meaning you can truly flex your creative muscles when it comes to events organizing!

Bankside Vaults Interior

Tobacco Dock

London’s Tobacco Dock is a huge multifunctional venue, housed in a former tobacco storage facility that once received shipments from all across the empire.

Today, its massive underground vault is one of the hippest venues in the city, perfect for a range of different functions and offering ambiance and atmosphere by the ship-full. With stunning brick and timber interiors throughout, Tobacco Dock has the versatility to handle all manner of events, and even features enormous outdoor areas to add contrast to the vaults below.

  • Capacity: up to 3000 guests
  • Best for: launches, conferences, and exhibitions
  • What makes it unique: with its huge underground vault, this is a truly atmospheric and historic venue sure to blow your guests away.

alternative underground venues london - Tobacco Dock

Village Underground

With its vaulted brick arches, cavernous indoor spaces and stunning Victorian atrium, Village Underground fully deserves its reputation as one of London’s hippest underground venues. Many of the original features of this Victoria warehouse are still intact, meaning your guests can get a real sense of the history of this astounding building.

However, this is no dusty museum venue – a dramatic refurb a few years ago means it is fully kitted out to handle all manner of contemporary events, giving you an amazingly characterful blank canvas to play with.

  • Capacity: up to 400 guests
  • Best for: edgy, quirky events with an urban vibe
  • What makes it unique: a vast Victorian warehouse with truly impressive interior spaces, this venue has bags of character and unusual features, making it ideal for a wide array of events.

Village Underground london

We’re going deeper underground

Underground London venues allow you to turn up the atmosphere of your events, offering your attendees a genuinely urban vibe they simply couldn’t find anywhere else. Historic yet modern, mysterious yet versatile, they’ve got everything you could possibly need for truly unforgettable functions of all types.

We love exploring the hidden corners of London and uncovering atmospheric underground venues that are perfect for our clients’ needs and requirements. All of these venues and more besides can be found and hired via Venueseeker, London’s leading events management site. Venueseeker is your one-stop shop for everything your event could possibly need!

Businessman pressing modern social buttons on a virtual background

7 Event Management Software to Do The Heavy Lifting

Every great event organiser needs an arsenal of effective tools to do their job properly. Luckily, the 21st century has brought with it a wealth of fantastic event management software, which is helping to transform once-complicated tasks into a breeze with the touch of a button.

By selecting the best event management tools, registration and various administrations tasks can go from being a headache to an enjoyable, efficient and simple process.

However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult for even seasoned tech-savvy event organisers to know which ones to opt for.

As always, we’ve done the hard work for you, and we’re more than happy to share our findings with you all.

If you’re interested in discovering the best events management software for yourself, check out our recommendations and top tips below!


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your events management needs, then Azavista is one of the best places to start.

This events management software has been designed to take care of all your business meeting, conference and other event needs, and it packs in plenty of fantastic features.

The user friendly platform that Azavista provides can handle registration, email marketing, budgeting, supplier procurement and a whole lot more, and has been specifically designed to ease the stresses of events managers worldwide!

  • Pros: The Azavista team has a great reputation for helping events managers out of tricky situations, and the user-friendliness of this software is second to none. Once up and running, it works fantastically and covers a huge amount of ground.
  • Cons: Azavista does take some real time and concentration to set up, but once that’s done, it’s extremely easy to use. Some users find some of the formatting commands a little on the complicated side, too.


Out of all the best events management software on the market, our clients and contacts claim that Cvent comes out near the top of the list every single time.

The reasons for this are many; its integrated platform allows users to quickly and efficiently find superb venues, and complete complex tasks such as online event registration and setting up mobile app technology.

Cvent is an excellent tool for measuring the impact an event had on social media as well.

  • Pros: Event managers find this software highly flexible and efficient, and it has plenty of scope for customisation, too. On top of this, their support team receives highly positive reviews from many of its 183,000 active users!
  • Cons: The main issue many users have with Cvent are to do with the way the program has been structured. In order to use the site effectively, it seems you often have to take the ‘long way round’ and defy logic to get to where you need to go.

cvent event management software


If you need help with ticketing (and what event manager doesn’t?) then Weemss is one of the best event management software tools out there.

Unlike many platforms, Weemss is deeply specialised in ticketing and providing everything you need to run an efficient ticket system.

Whether you’re selling tickets, arranging priority seating or handling check-ins, this software is about as good as it gets.

  • Pros: Fans of Weemss love the fact it is a very straightforward and user friendly platform. It’s also praised for its affordability and its unique awards management features.
  • Cons: The main issues event managers seem to have with Weemss are the fact that it does not yet have a mobile app, and the notifications from the site come through on a daily basis, instead of as and when they arise.


Eventleaf is another piece of event management software which is highly popular among the event organising community.

It presents itself as a platform which combines practicality with beauty in design, and allows users to create smart, attractive events websites and deal with all of their event management tasks.

Eventleaf can register attendees online, design and print event badges (and more complex RFID badges), promote your event via social media, and compile, send and track invitations.

  • Pros: The main selling point of Eventleaf is that it takes several different pieces of software and brings them all together in one simple, manageable set of programs. It’s designed to relieve the stress of tracking all those different threads of an event, and allow you to take full control of every aspect.
  • Cons: The only common criticism of Eventleaf is that the interface at first appears complicated and overwhelming. However, most users find that once they’ve navigated the platform, everything becomes crystal clear.


Managing and tracking online registration is one of the biggest annoyances for event organisers everywhere. Bookeo is a specialised piece of software designed to handle all of your online registration needs.

Whether you’re organising classes, clubs, or large-scale events, Bookeo enables you to take real-time bookings and payments with ease. It’s also ideal for dealing with staff rotas, booking changes and cancellations.

  • Pros: There’s great praise out there for Bookeo’s customer management section, and the customer support which comes with this software has helped countless customers in their hour of need!
  • Cons: While the customer support is roundly praised when it comes to Bookeo, the fees involved for their set-up service are not. The lack of a calendar view on the platform also causes a few grumbles among users, too.


As open-source event management software goes, Eventbrite is a clear leader in its field.

For organising all manner of events, and creating simple, straightforward registration systems, it has gathered thousands of fans across the country.

Customizable, mobile-optimized and user-friendly, Eventbrite is a highly flexible open-source tool which has helped many events get off the ground.

  • Pros: If your event is free, then Eventbrite is free to use. It’s also very adaptable, and has great accessibility from mobile devices.
  • Cons: The processing fees associated with Eventbrite can quickly add up. If your event is not free, you’ll have to pay 2.5% of the ticket price, plus a £0.99 processing fee for every ticket sold.

Event Espresso Lite

Event Espresso Lite is a WordPress-based event management tool, which allows you to list events and manage attendees, as well as organise a payments page and send confirmation emails to your attendees.

Simple, straightforward and easy to use, it’s unsurprising that this open-source option has quickly gained fans – especially among those just setting out in the events industry.

  • Pros: This online platform is very straightforward and does what it does very well. So long as you’re experienced with WordPress, you should have no problem with this site.
  • Cons: If you don’t know your way around a WordPress platform, then the chances are you’re in for a fairly steep learning curve. On top of this, Event Espresso Lite is, well, a bit ‘lite’ on features and functions.

Stress-Free Organising For Efficient Events

We could all benefit from the best event management software when it comes to organising everything from launches to conferences, and from parties to club nights.

It’s always worth looking at the different options out there, as you never know what you might have been missing until now.

Maybe that task you’ve always struggled with can be handled in seconds by a well-made piece of computer software after all!

At Venueseeker, we’re always keen to help event organisers make their job even easier. With so many years in the industry, we have the skills that can help any event go off without a hitch.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our recommendations.

Now it’s your turn: have you used any other pieces of event management software you’d like to give the thumbs-up to? Let us know in the comments!

7 Useful Small Meeting Rooms for Last Minute Booking

Choosing the perfect small meeting rooms in London can be a difficult task. After all, there are so many factors to bear in mind.

Whether you’re looking for small meeting rooms for a client meeting, or in which to hold a workshop, a staff appraisal or presentation, it’s vitally important to choose one which can meet all of your needs.

Choosing the wrong venue can really hamper the vibe you’re attempting to create, and potentially give out the wrong impression about you and your company.

As always, Venueseeker are on hand to help you find the perfect meeting room for any last minute booking. Check out this list of our favourite spaces, and don’t hesitate to get in touch and book one today!


If you’re looking for iconic central London meeting rooms that are sure to impress your clients and partners, then look no further than OXO2. Situated in the instantly recognizable OXO Tower on London’s vibrant South Bank, this unique venue is adept at fulfilling the needs and wishes of all its patrons.

London venues such as this one excel at blending historic charm with forward-thinking levels of service. With breath-taking views, absolute versatility and the ability to become whatever you need it to be, there’s no wonder OXO2 is a firm favourite for those seeking high quality venue space in the capital.

  • Capacities: Up to 400
  • Best For: Business meetings, presentations and workshops
  • What makes it unique: This is a historic and genuinely iconic feature of the Thames skyline, and is the ultimate blank canvas on which to project ideal meetings overlooking unbeatable views.

OXO2 conference venue space


Nestled in the heart of the beautiful and historic Covent Garden, Icetank is a piece of Nordic charm which once encountered, is never forgotten.

The juxtaposition between the historic setting and the deeply modern, effortlessly stylish interior of Icetank is all part of its appeal, but this venue isn’t merely style over substance. It features meeting rooms packed with modern conveniences, a state of the art PA system, and endless blank canvas opportunities for creative business managers to make their mark.

  • Capacities: 5 – 120
  • Best for: Media and press meetings, presentations
  • What makes it unique: With its incredible central location and awe-inspiring architecture, this truly is an unforgettable meeting space. Beautiful use of natural light throughout, and boasting the largest infinity cove in London!

Plaisterers’ Hall

In London, we’re lucky to have access to so many grand and beautiful venues for meeting rooms. Without doubt, one of the grandest and most opulent is the ever-popular Plaisterers’ Hall, one of the historic guild halls that the capital is famed for. While this venue is often used for larger scale events, it’s phenomenally flexible, and features plenty of small, intimate rooms, too.

Despite being decorated in original 18th century designs, this is a venue which is capable of handling all modern event requirements, meaning your meeting will not only be deeply impressive, but will also be as fitted with everything you might require.

  • Capacities: highly flexible
  • Best for: Intimate meetings which need to make a grand and powerful impression
  • What makes it unique: Few venues in London can top the Plaisterers’ Hall when it comes to sheer scale and elegance. With a history which stretches back to the 16th century, these meeting rooms are sure to deeply impress everyone who comes across them.

Plaisterers Hall

The Conservatory At Painshill

A stunningly picturesque and highly versatile venue for meetings and more, The Conservatory at Painshill has a history which stretches back to the early 18th century. Perfect for hosting elegant and sophisticated meetings, with the perfect blend of airiness and serious business capabilities, this venue is truly one which can do it all.

The main space of this meetings venue is renowned for its flexibility – the dedicated team at the conservatory can adapt the space to make highly intimate and effective meeting rooms. With the rolling countryside reaching away as a beautiful backdrop and hi-tech audio-visual capabilities within, this venue is the perfect blend of the classic and the contemporary.

  • Capacities: 5 – 400
  • Best for: elegant and sophisticated business meetings, workshops and conferences
  • What makes it unique: The versatility of this historic venue means that despite its scale, it is capable of providing intimate meeting rooms for all of your needs.

surrey summer party venue

The Hellenic Centre

If you’re looking for a small meeting room in London which has a touch of magic and sparkle about it, then The Hellenic Centre (also known as The Marylebone Townhouse) is the perfect choice for you.

This elegant Portland stone building looks every inch the classic London venue, and offers a wealth of different sized rooms – each with its own unique design points – ideal for meetings, presentations, parties and more.

  • Capacities: 5 – 250
  • Best for: Meetings which require you to show off the best that classic London has to offer
  • What makes it unique: Not only can you hold intimate business meetings at this venue, but it also has an elegant licensed bar, meaning you can entertain your clients once business has been dealt with.


If you want to give your clients or guests the full 5 star treatment as part of your meeting, then Aveqia is the perfect choice. This is a Michelin starred restaurant and venue, offering a niche experience and which really ramps up the luxury while also offering everything you need from a small meeting room, too.

Just imagine finishing up your meeting, then being taken by the impeccably presented waiting staff into the main room of the venue for a business lunch like no other! World class cuisine and rare wine flights meet the efficiency and class only a Michelin starred venue can provide – something which is sure to deeply impress any potential clients or investors!

  • Capacities: 8 – 40
  • Best for: intimate meetings and business lunches / dinners
  • What makes it unique: With its relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere, Aveqia is the ideal venue for making a powerful impression. An amazing array of dishes and drinks adds to the luxury vibe, and no expense has been spared in making this not only an unforgettable restaurant, but also a high class and efficient business meeting venue too.

The Magic Circle

What meeting couldn’t be livened up by a bit of magic? The headquarters of the most illustrious magical society in the world is a truly unique and unforgettable venue for business meetings, and provides plenty of unique and quirky intimate spaces for all of your meeting rooms needs.

Your clients will not believe their eyes when they step through the door of this unassuming London venue – a floating staircase awaits them, and the walls are covered with curios and wonderments, making this a genuine marvel of the venue scene in London. Not only this, but the uniquely decorated rooms have proven time and again to be the perfect spaces for all manner of meetings, meaning you’ll be able to get business done in impeccable style.

  • Capacities: 5 – 80
  • Best for: Making a big impression and demonstrating your out-of-the-box approach
  • What makes it unique: Well, what doesn’t make this venue unique? A fascinating array of interior design themes, a series of equally beautiful and bizarre rooms and all mod cons come together to provide a venue unlike any other.

magic circle small meeting rooms

Meeting Rooms in London Need Not Be Dull!

We know how important it is for you to have a meeting room which not only serves its purpose, but which goes the extra mile in impressing clients and associates. That’s why at Venueseeker we source the very best London has to offer for all your meeting rooms needs.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of meeting rooms in London for last minute booking. If you’d like to see any more venues from our portfolio, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Venueseeker takes great pride in offering a second-to-none service for those seeking their perfect event spaces.

If you’ve been to any of these meeting rooms, or know of other places you feel should have been on this list, then we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch via the comments below!

The Most Suitable Venues For A Product Launch Event

Different venues are best suited for a wide range of different events. It’s our job to seek out the best venues for you, and to ensure that they’re fully equipped with everything you could possibly need in order to make your product launch event a great success.

We’re lucky in that we have access to some of the most exciting, beautiful, fashionable, dynamic and fully stocked venues to be found anywhere in the country (if not the world), and it’s always a thrill for us to see a venue used to its full potential.

Why Look For a Product Launch Event Venue?

When it comes to sourcing venues for a product launch events, there are a number of factors we look out for. For example, when you’re releasing a new product onto the market, you want to drum up as much excitement as possible.

As such, you’re going to want a venue which stands out, which leaves lasting memories for your guests, and which is packed full of possibilities. Lighting rigs, sound systems, video screens, open spaces… and this is just the beginning.

As always, we’ve striven to do the hard work for you, and have searched high and low for product launch event venues which we’re sure are going to ignite your imaginations, and are going to be the talk of the town once you’ve packed up for the night.

We’ve narrowed them down to the nine we felt were worth shouting about. Interested? Read on!

The Roundhouse

  • Venue Capacity: up to 1800 guests
  • Best for: Big, impressive displays
  • What makes it special: The Roundhouse is a vast, cavernous space which features 1300m2 of floor space, making it one of the most memorable indoor venues in London.

If you’re looking to completely dazzle your guests, and put on a product launch show which simply isn’t going to be forgotten in a hurry, The Roundhouse might just be the iconic London venue you’ve been looking for.

With two bars, a studio theatre, and the latest state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, this venue has held host to all manner of events, each as distinctive, stylish and talked about as the last.

The Archivists Gallery

  • Venue Capacity: up to 110 guests
  • Best for: Arty, creative and dynamic events
  • What makes it special: Intimate and vibrant, cool and capable, The Archivists Gallery is bang on trend, and features everything you need for a product launch which accentuates your creative side.

The Archivists Gallery is one of London’s best kept secrets. It’s cosy, intimate, a space in which your product launch can be truly appreciated and admired, and not lost in the bustling crowds and open space of other, larger venues.

the archivists gallery - product launch event venue

It features cinema style seating which is sure to command every guest’s absolute attention, and it also boasts large plasma screens from which you can beam promotional footage to your gathered guests.

Bursting with artistry, and plenty of wall space to use as you wish, The Archivists Gallery is a tried and tested product launch venue you’re sure to fall in love with.

Building Six at the O2

  • Venue capacity: up to 3000 guests
  • Best for: luxurious product launches in need of flexibility and versatility
  • What makes it special: This stunning venue can be transformed to fit your theme with great ease, and offers a variety of event spaces, sure to be ideal for a product launch like yours.

Building Six has quickly garnered a reputation for being one of the most versatile, multifunctional and glamorous venues in London. Housed within the ever-impressive O2, it comes complete with a full array of next generation audio-visual gadgets, capable of wowing your assembled guests and transmitting your message loud and clear.

Once your launch presentation is over, it’s time to party – and this is where Building Six really comes into its own. The main hall features a ‘Body Kinetic’ dance floor, which literally pumps beats through the body of those moving across it. Unforgettable!


  • Venue capacity: up to 2600 guests
  • Best for: Fashion-based product launches needing a stunning backdrop
  • What makes it special: Huge, impressive, and perfectly situated, Troxy provides timeless glamour and versatility by the bucketload.

Troxy is a venue of two halves. On the one hand, it boasts a vast open space, featuring split level seating, and a rock ‘n’ roll swagger which, if you’re looking to make a massive impact, is going to be difficult to resist.

large conference venue in London -Troxy venueseeker

On the other, though, it also offers more intimate spaces, such as the White Room – a smaller event venue within Troxy, which features bright white glass flooring, marbled walls and a gorgeous starcloth ceiling; ideal for maintaining that glamorous vibe while offering a more manageable size of room.

No matter which you choose, you’ll benefit from the experience and expertise which comes with the venue, and its ease of access, and unique atmosphere.

Tobacco Dock

  • Capacity: up to 3000 guests
  • Best for: large scale product launches
  • What makes it special: historic, impressive, beautifully constructed and situated, Tobacco Dock is a stunning example of what makes London in the 21st century the ideal city for events.

Tobacco Dock is an events venue which simply oozes with history. Once a storage site for tobacco shipments coming in from across the Atlantic, it now operates as one of London’s most distinctive and sought after locations for product launches, conferences, parties and more.

In many ways, it’s the perfect example of what makes London special; taking the old, and repurposing it for the new, the cutting edge and the endlessly exciting. If you have a new product to launch, and you want to demonstrate how it presents a new opportunity for the market, we can think of nowhere more suitable than this.

Old Billingsgate Vaults

  • Venue capacity: up to 800 guests
  • Best for: product launches with an underground, edgy vibe
  • What makes it special: the perfect blend of the old and the new, this repurposed space is about as cool as it gets. Atmospheric, ambient, kooky and endlessly surprising, it’s a multipurpose venue with a real wow factor.

So, you want your product launch event to have a bit of an urban edge to it – a gritty, underground vibe which is going to make your guests feel like they’re part of something revolutionary.

In that case, there’s no better venue that the Old Billingsgate Vaults; a series of brickwork caverns and arches, which has transformed itself into one of the capital’s coolest events spaces.

State-of-the-art lighting rigs and a pristine sound system are just the start of it – this really is a playground for those seeking to knock their guests off their feet with atmosphere and a real secret party vibe.

Glaziers Hall

  • Venue capacity: up to 600 guests
  • Best for: sophisticated product launches
  • What makes it special: utterly beautiful furnishings, an iconic view of the Thames, and 200 years of tangible history make this venue one to remember.

If you’re looking for a venue which exudes class and sophistication, and is sure to leave your guests open-mouthed at the sheer beauty of it all, then stop your search here: Glaziers Hall is going to fit the bill nicely.

While your guests are watching your presentation of your new product, the London skyline can be seen in the background, over a view of the Thames which simply never gets old, no matter how familiar you might be with it.

It’s not all archaic grandiosity, though. Glaziers Hall is as much a forward-thinking venue as any other great product launch location in London, and comes complete with everything you need to put on a truly distinctive show.


  • Venue capacity: up to 400 guests
  • Best for: slick, stunning product launches with a contemporary vibe
  • What makes it special: any event held in this iconic South Bank building is immediately infused with a coolness which is impossible to fake. Endlessly versatile, it’s a blank canvas which is perfect for almost anything.

The OXO2 venue on the inimitable South Bank of the Thames has helped re-shape the events scene in London over the past few years. It is a ‘blank canvas’ venue – that is, it has absolutely everything you could wish for to completely transform the space, and make it your own for a day or an evening.

With incredible natural light, its neutral decor allows you to play with your branding colours, themes or ideas, and the dedicated staff at OXO2 will be more than happy to help you realise your dreams for the launch.

Once the sun goes down, your guests can be dazzled by one of the most iconic night time views in the world – a perfect end to what will no doubt be a stunning event.

The Choice Is Yours

Choosing the right venue for a product launch can be hard. Here at Venueseeker, we’re experts at helping our clients pick out the perfect venue for all of their needs, and ensuring that nothing gets overlooked when it comes to achieving their event planning goals. If you want to chat about any of these venues, or anything connected to events organising, just get in touch.

We hope you enjoyed this list of our favourite venues for launching a new product. If you think we’ve missed any out, or if you’ve been to any exciting product launches yourself recently, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

4 Reception Event Room Layouts for Maximum Engagement

There are all sorts of subtle factors that go into the success of a reception, as anyone who has ever organised one will be quick to tell you. Sometimes, it can feel like something of a juggling act, keeping all the plates spinning to ensure your guests and attendees are having an informative, memorable or generally positive experience.

While you may have agonised for hours of the choice of canapes on offer, and spent sleepless nights choosing between lighting designs and background music tracks, unless you’ve also spent time considering event room layouts, you’re in danger of not seeing your event reach its full potential.

Every organiser should think carefully when planning event room layouts. It’s the kind of factor which – despite being easy to overlook – can really make or break a reception, presentation or networking event, and as such, it’s vital to consider which options are best for you.

We’ve seen too many events fall flat simply because engagement between speakers and attendees, as well as between the attendees themselves, hasn’t been maximised by the choice of event room layout.

Because we care about the finer details (and because we’re a lovely, caring bunch of venue experts and event organisers), we’ve decided to show you four of the most effective, most engaging event room layouts for you to think about for your next gathering.

With these plans, you can guarantee that your guests will really make the most of everything you’ve planned.

Event Room Layouts

Before we look in depth at some specific room layouts, it’s worth pausing for a moment to think about the overall comfort of your guests.

We all like to sell as many tickets as possible for our events, just as we all like looking out over a busy, dynamic and relatively full events space.

However, it’s important to remember that if your guests find themselves crammed into a space, elbow to elbow, with the room at maximum capacity, it’s likely their level of enjoyment will be hampered somewhat.

Take our advice: keep your numbers at least 10% lower than the maximum capacity of the venue, and if you are adding big lighting rigs, catwalks or stages to your layout, do make sure you consider this when calculating your numbers.

Nobody likes to be bumped into, or have cocktails spilt down their dress in the crush!

Event Room Layout 1: The Cabaret Layout

Good For: More chilled out gatherings, workshops and lectures

The Cabaret Layout involves attendees sitting around tables – yet not all the way around, thus allowing for a clear line of sight towards the front of the venue.

This layout allows your guests to not only comfortably follow whatever presentation, speech, lecture or workshop is being carried out without having the turn in their seats or crane their necks, but it also leaves a space open for chat and discussion between themselves.

As such, this layout is ideal for promoting an open, laid-back sort of vibe; one which makes room for informality and fun.

Bear in mind, though, that the Cabaret Layout isn’t the best one when it comes to making full use of the space. By leaving 30% of each table empty, you aren’t going to fit as many people into your venue as you might like.

Cabaret style event room layouts

Event Room Layout 2: The Classroom Layout

Good For: In depth presentations, training sessions, lectures and more formal workshops

The classroom layout is one which we all recognise from our school days – rows of individuals, each with their own table space on which they can make notes, position a laptop or tablet, or read along with a presenter.

While there is something a little stiff and restrictive about this kind of layout, it does automatically encourage a professionalism and sense of focus in the room, and is perfect if you really need your attendees to give you their full attention and focus.

Herringbone style event room layouts


While many events organisers would be tempted to leave their rows of tables in straight lines, studies show that a ‘herringbone’ shape – where the tables are set at thirty-degree angles to each other – promotes a more social atmosphere.

Classroom style event room layouts

Event Room Layout 3: The Theatre Layout

Good For: Conferences, presentations, fashion shows and events with multiple speakers

The theatre layout involves rows of attendees, each with a space in front of them where they can get a clear view of the front of the room. This is a comfortable layout, designed for more passive enjoyment or involvement in an event – it will turn your attendees into observers, rather than active participants.

As such, it’s ideal for events requirement a large number of people, and in which your guests have to listen to several presentations, but it isn’t the one if you’re looking for your guests to interact with each other or network.

While it may sound like a fairly rigid layout, there’s actually plenty of room for experimentation when it comes to this one.

A curved row of chairs, for example, will open the room a little for interaction, and you could even have the rows facing one another, with the ‘stage’ set in between them – something which actually encourages even more attentiveness, as the attendees will not just be observing the presentation, but also each other!

Theatre style event room layouts

Event Room Layout 4: The Cocktail Reception

Good For: Encouraging networking, social interaction and movement of guests

If you really want to get people moving from place to place, and interacting with each other in a proactive sort of way, a cocktail reception layout might work best for you. This involves essentially scattering a few high tables throughout your venue space, and putting chairs or bar stools around some of them, while leaving others empty.

The effect is that people will congregate around certain tables, but move on once they’ve achieved their individual objectives. Should they wish to get into a deeper discussion, the presence of certain tables with chairs will encourage that to happen.

Plan It Right

When you’re planning an event, room layouts are just one of those factors it would be a real issue to overlook. The positioning of chairs and tables is something which can help you encourage interaction between your guests, and as we all know, that can be absolutely key to an event’s success.

Here at Venueseeker, we take great pride not only in our knowledge of ensuring every event’s success, but also in covering all of those extra details which are often missed by busy event organisers. If you’d like to speak to us about anything in connection with events management or venues, we’d be more than happy to lend an ear and some advice.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our thoughts on these event room layouts. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts about the article, or if you’ve ever come across any particularly effective layouts – just let us know in the comments below!

The 9 best business meeting rooms in London

Ask anyone in the world of event management and business, and they’ll tell you without any doubt that not all meeting rooms are created equal. While there are plenty out there to choose from – indeed, hundreds of examples can be found in almost every city across the globe – some meeting rooms and designated business spaces go above and beyond the call of duty.

Indeed, the finest meeting rooms provide unique spaces, bespoke settings and exciting backdrops, which offer scope to express a sense of taste and style at your event.

Whether you’re gathering your partners and shareholders for an announcement, delivering a key report, planning a merger or wooing a top-end client, nothing exudes confidence like adding a touch of finesse, a dash of bedazzlement and an extra layer of charm to proceeding with one of our meeting spaces.

There are many ways you can achieve this, but if you really want to impress those around you, the setting has to be absolutely perfect, capable of reflecting you and your business’s aspirations.

By selecting an exclusive, unique and beautiful meeting room, you are making a bold statement: you’re proclaiming to your guests or colleagues that not only are you willing to invest in excellence, but also that only the very finest will do when it comes to communicating with those you’re meeting with.

Importance of choosing the right meeting rooms

Business is all about making an impact and leaving a positive impression. No matter what you are using your meeting room for, you want those who are joining you there to leave feeling as though they have been witness to something extraordinary, something memorable, exclusive and special. This isn’t going to happen at a run-of-the-mill meeting space, bedecked with standard office furniture and perhaps a tray of sandwiches… if you’re lucky.

We know the power that a beautiful setting has when it comes to forming a lasting impression – believe us, we’ve trawled the country looking for the most spectacular venues and business meeting rooms – and we want you and your guests to get that sense of awe, that sense of wonder and power that is rare, precious and so enormously effective when it comes to holding meetings, making deals and persuading potential clients.

London Calling

There’s no doubt about the fact that when it comes to making big impressions, London is one of the finest cities on earth. The sheer breadth of possibilities available in our capital city is impressive in itself. When it comes to business meetings in London, the opportunities for making a powerful and lasting impact are endless.

A thousand years of rich and varied history. A set of architectural styles which shaped the world as we know it. A thriving, bustling and highly dynamic contemporary design scene which remains the envy of every other capital… London really does have it all. From the ancient to the futuristic, the classic to the eccentric and the vintage to the avant-garde, London is the perfect location for your business meeting place, and we’re delighted to present to you the very best our city has to offer.

We’ve put together our nine favourite London meeting room locations for your perusal. From Regency era elegance, to state-of-the-art creative spaces, we have little doubt about the fact that – no matter what your requirements, sense of style or personal taste may be – you’ll find something ideal for your needs somewhere in this list.


When it comes to crisp, clean and classic London style, there’s really nowhere quite like OXO2. Situated on the second level of the iconic OXO tower – a genuine landmark on the Thames’ bustling and vibrant South Bank – OXO2 prides itself on being the ultimate blank canvas, the very zenith in versatility and expression, capable of providing the ideal backdrop for any business meeting in London.


  • Capacity: 50 – 150 in the conference area
  • Key features: Stunning view of the Thames and many of London’s landmarks, talented in-house event managers, high levels of flexibility.


Situated in the very heart of one of London’s most famous locations – the historic Covent Garden – Icetank is a beautiful, unique and striking venue which makes a stunning impression on all who enter it. Icetank is a venue which takes the notion of innovation and avant-garde design very seriously: it’s a gorgeously white, open, airy and light creative space, which can be used for a wide range of functions.

Utterly modern, excitingly luminous and sleek, there’s little wonder it’s one of the most popular business meeting places in London.

Icetank - one of london's best meeting rooms

  • Capacity: 120 standing guests
  • Key features: floor to ceiling windows allowing for stunning natural light, a luxury kitchen and fully functioning catering kitchen, state-of-the-art in house PA system.

Plaisterers’ Hall

Grand, beautiful and luxurious, featuring stunning chandeliers and a wealth of original, neo-classical design features, Plaisterers’ Hall is a superb example of London Livery architecture and elegance. One of the reasons why Plaisterers’ Hall is so popular as a business meetings venue is the fact that it features several rooms, each with their own features, and each boasting unrivalled flexibility for a range of functions.

Fully fitted with everything one would require, this venue is the perfect blend of the antiquated and the forward-thinking.

plaisterers hall venue London

  • Capacity: Meeting rooms have space for between 40 and 400 attendees
  • Key Features: stunning original period features, a range of different sized rooms, a highly rated in-house management team, in house satellite links, Wi-Fi, video conference facilities and technical support.

The Saw Swee Hock Centre

Situated just a few minutes from historic Holborn, the curiously named The Saw Swee Hock Centre is the perfect choice for your meeting room. Not only did this building win the prestigious London Building of the Year award, it also continues to impress with its ever-evolving innovative use of interior space, and its unique, purpose built design features which provide those looking for meeting spaces with everything they could want.

Strikingly modern, effortlessly cool, and brilliantly versatile, The Saw Swee Hock Centre is sure to become a firm favourite.

The Saw Swee Hock Centre

  • Capacity: From 10 to 1000
  • Key Features: A range of differently sized rooms, award winning design, private bars, easy access by public transport.

The Magic Circle

If you’re looking for something truly unique for your business meeting, it doesn’t get much more fascinating, eccentric or decadent than The Magic Circle. This beautiful venue offers mystery, intrigue and wonder by the bucketload, and nobody could fail to be impressed by its iconic ‘floating staircase’ which greets you as you step through its stunning portico.

Not only does The Magic Circle offer more character and charm than anyone could wish for, it’s also perfectly situated; being tucked away between Kings Cross and Euston stations, it’s ideal for those travelling into London.

unique venues of london - venueseeker, magic circle

  • Capacity: From 6 to 62
  • Key Features: Genuine period features, a range of differently sized themed rooms, eccentric decorations and exhibits, excellent transport links.

Westminster Boating Base

Floating on one of the prettiest sections of the historic river Thames, Westminster Boating Base feels like an oasis of calm, despite its stunning central location. There’s something utterly unique and charming about holding a meeting on the river, and this venue can provide the ideal setting for all of your meeting room requirements.

Not only is it gorgeously light and airy on the inside, it also features a spectacular view of Battersea Power Station – one of London’s true industrial icons, and a glorious example of the city’s inimitable style.

Westminster Boating Base

  • Capacity: Up to 130
  • Key Features: Beautiful and unique views, huge windows offering natural light, a range of rooms for hire, excellent central location.

Stationer’s Hall

London is dotted with livery halls – grand, stately houses which once represented the prowess of industry in the city – but one of the finest is surely this; the Stationer’s Hall. Elegant, quiet, beautiful and gorgeously decorated, the Stationer’s Hall is the perfect venue for those meetings where you have to make an impressive of sheer class and timeless sophistication.

The entire building positively exudes a sense of history; it boasts stained glass windows featuring the likes of William Shakespeare and stunningly manicured gardens – and yet Stationer’s Hall is also equipped with all modern conveniences, making it a splendid choice for any business requirements.

Stationers Hall

  • Capacity: The Ante Room seats 20 people, the Court Room seats 16.
  • Key Features: Beautiful gardens, balconies and outdoor spaces, and a range of unique and finely decorated rooms, each with original period features. Close to major London landmarks, and easily reachable by public transport.


With its striking and unforgettable modern industrial vibe, gold leaf walls and steel tiled ceiling, Pause is a thoroughly contemporary building which is highly popular with those seeking to express a forward-thinking, on-trend sense of taste and style.

Exuding an effortless glamour and artistic, bohemian vibe, there’s little wonder why this venue regularly features on lists of London’s most sought after locations. Pause prides itself on being the ideal venue for breakfast meetings, although its flexibility as a meeting place is second-to-none.

  • Capacity: Various – up to 220
  • Key Features: Relaxed and open style, highly impressive modern vibe, close to Aldgate station.

London Bridge

With its purpose built facilities, range of meeting and conference rooms and pristine, modern style, London Bridge is the ideal meeting rooms venue for those looking for a perfectly turned out, smart and sophisticated location.

Next to the capital’s world famous Borough Market, this venue offers no less than 18 meeting rooms, and a range of packages to suit all business requirements. Whether you’re looking for a no-nonsense coffee morning, or something a little more bespoke and unique, London Bridge is an superb choice.

London Bridge Conference and Meeting Venue

  • Capacity: 10 to 300
  • Key Features: Iconic location, purpose built rooms, a wide range of state-of-the-art facilities and services, affordable packages

Despite the massive range of styles and services on offer when it comes to meeting rooms in London, one thing remains constant: each of these venues is designed to help you make a bold and memorable impression, and deliver the kind of meetings your business deserves.

Choosing a meeting room or venue isn’t particularly easy. You have to consider the sort of impact you’re looking to make, the best way to reflect your brand through a choice of location, and the kind of features you’ll require.

However, with our expert help, we’re confident you can find something that will tick every box. Here at Venueseeker, we understand the importance of finding that perfect venue – whatever you may require it for – and we always strive to go the extra mile for our clients.

Top 10 Event Concept Ideas That Will WOW Your Attendees

We have been planning events for a LONG time. As veterans of the industry, we can say with certainty that people who attend events are looking for a memorable experience.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a corporate event or private party; people want to experience something novel and worthy of being talked about for days to come.

Whatever your event concept ideas are, they need to be fresh and not have been done 10 times over by other events. Here are a few ideas we have incorporated ourselves and have been modelled by other event planners with great success.

1. Silent Conferences

Silent conferences are a growing fad and one of those concepts for events we highly recommend while it’s trending. So, what is a silent conference? Essentially, it’s an event where guests don wireless headphones and tune into a specific lecture.

The silent conference concept is a huge time saver for event planners because it means multiple speakers can speak at once, while guests tune into the presentation they’re interested in. This is also beneficial when the venue lacks multiple rooms.

Multiple speakers can share the same room without their respective listeners being disturbed by the other lectures taking place.

Watch this video of a silent conference in action. This was a conference on sustainability that took place in Stockholm, and had roughly 700 people in attendance.

Silent conferences have also been used for the entertainment aspect of an event. People on the dance floor can choose which music they wish to dance to.

2. Unconferences

An unconference is another term many of our clients have never heard of. It’s a relatively new concept and one that’s gaining a lot of traction. Unlike a traditional conference, unconferences are loosely structured and often don’t even have a speaker. At most, it has a designated facilitator.

Here’s how it usually works: there are no assigned topics to be discussed. The topics are left to the guests that write down what they would like to talk about on a chalkboard. Based on what is written, guests are broken into groups where the chosen topics become the focus subject.

Essentially, an unconference is one big open discussion forum rather than a structured conference with a speaker.

The Diabetes UnConference is an example of such an event. As suggested in its name, this is a diabetes awareness seminar. It goes by the model that every attendee is an expert and has something to share. Everyone is invited to ask and answer questions in a safe and non-judgmental setting.

3. Secret Events


Throughout history, there were countless high-profile, but secret events that were shrouded in mystery with admission only granted to a select few. The Freemasons or the Illuminati are some prime examples.

To give your event an aura of secrecy, don’t reveal the location until several hours before.

The Cinema Royal, A Czech-based theatre group, is one company that routinely capitalizes on such event concept ideas to perfection. Its live plays are usually held in secret locations, often consisting of abandoned venues. Guests are given very little information other than when and where to show up and how to dress.

4. Collaboration

Collaboration is nothing new. We have hosted countless events where two or more companies come together for a common collective. Collaboration, though, can entail far more than just putting two heads together and sharing resources.

Brooklyn Skillshare, a New York-based education organisation, took the idea of collaboration to the next level. The non-profit group routinely holds events that incorporate elements of a block party and the conference model of EdCamps.

The event consists of a large, community-based get-together where members freely share their knowledge with attendees. Admission is free to everyone, and members are discouraged from making any sales pitches.

The event is one big collaborative movement among attendees who create their own event agenda at the event. In this respects, it also has some hints of an unconference.

5. Inclusive Events

One of the event concept ideas we always liked is the concept of inclusivity. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with restricting admission to a pre-defined audience. However, some events can be totally inclusive without regard to demographic.

One of the models of this idea comes from Burning Man. The Burning Man is somewhat of an unusual non-profit company based in San Francisco. It holds annual gatherings in an area of the city it has designated as Black Rock City.

Everyone is invited and for free. The event is a large festival where people get together to work and display various artwork. There may also be live performances and acts. Regardless, all projects and performances are considered gifts given by individuals or groups to everyone to enrich the overall experience of the collective.

6. Project-Based Events


Project-based events are a norm in the tech industry. So how does this work and how can you adopt this type of event model? Project-based conferences are more or less weekend-long events. In the IT sector, these conferences include one big get-together consisting of designers, developers, and marketers.

They all come together to share ideas, come up with innovation, and even build concept and prototype models. Sometimes, the ideas even lead to an all-new startup company. For attendees, this means the possibility of new business relationships and ventures.

Startup Weekends is an org that holds project-based events all over the world. Their 54-hour long conferences are designed for the purpose just described. You can follow suit by hosting events over the weekend that invite an audience to attend and come up with new advancements in your industry.

7. Speed Networking

Speed dating is one of those event concept ideas that have been around even before the days of social media. It’s a fun way for people to walk away with a dozen phone numbers, a few of which will hopefully lead to a date.

The same concept can be applied in a business sense. We have planned events where attendees meet up with other like-minded people where business cards can be exchanged. We get excellent feedback from these type of events, with guests indicating that the networking has led to more clients or job opportunities.

Keep in mind that speed networking can also be a remote event. This can connect people from all over the globe. More jobs these days are also being done remotely.

EYP is one such group based in London that routinely hosts meetup events for young professionals.

8. Lunch Clubbing


Have you ever seen the 1999 movie Fight Club starring Brad Pitt? The film was about a secret underground organisation where white-collar workers went during their lunch break to vent their frustrations through bare knuckle fighting.

Lunch clubbing is similar, except members attend to dance rather than punch each other in the face. Basically, in place of having lunch at the office breakroom or at the drive-thru, people attend a short dance/network event. Attendees pay a small fee, which also includes drinks and a small lunch.

The concept was started in Sweden by an organisation known as Lunch Beat. The company has a set of established rules for participants, similar to the rules of engagement in the Fight Club meeting. Lunch clubbing is especially a good idea if your event caters solely to a local demographic.

9. Light-Speed Presentations

This is one of those concepts for events that caters to young and hopeful entrepreneurs looking to get their idea out there and attract interested investors and partners.

In a formal light-speed presentation, also known as a Pecha Kucha presentation, each presenter is allowed to show up to 20 images, with 20-seconds of speaking time for each image. Once all images are shown, their time is up, and they must clear the stage for the next presenter.

Here is an example of a light-speed presentation event hosted by the Edmonton-based consulting group Management Consultant.

Knowledge cafes also make good team building exercises. It allows you to gauge how well people are able to work together in a small group and come up with ideas when they combine their minds.

So, did you find any of these concepts for events useful? We know some of them can feel a bit out-of-the-box, but these are ideas we have used with great feedback.

Many of the conference venues in London provide just the right setting needed for hosting unconventional events. All it takes is a little imagination to transform a facility into a setting perfect for your event and its concept. We have done this thousands of times and can do it for your next conference.

Our ideas only represent a small fraction of the possible concepts. Do you have some of your own event experiences you would like to share? Please contribute by tweeting to @venueseeker.

Top pop-up venues in London you can hire

Pop-up venues are a great option for your event! The combination of exclusivity and originality makes for an event that your guests will remember for a long time. If you want to make your event stand out from the crowd, it’s definitely a good idea to plan a pop-up event.

Looking for the best pop up venue London has to offer? Try the Venueseeker selection of the top seven pop-up spaces around our beautiful city when planning your next event.

The Artillery Garden at The HAC

Artillery Garden, Pop up venues london, venueseeker

  • Venue Capacity: Dinner up to 1,000, conference up to 1,500
  • Best for: Corporate fundraisers, company-wide conferences, formal receptions.
  • What makes it unique: Location in the heart of London, limited availability, gorgeous venue.

With venue spaces suitable for every season, The Artillery Garden is one of London’s premier event venues. The outdoor spaces provide the perfect location for your summer events, while the luxurious ballrooms and indoor meeting halls keep you warm during the winter.

The Artillery Garden brings the elegance you want for your event, but with multiple venue options perfect for catering to your event. Best of all, it’s just a short journey from the heart of London–making it ideal for people coming from all over the city.

Check out the venue here!

The Pavilion at the Tower of London

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 19.49.28


  • Venue Capacity: Dinner 350-700, Conference 150-600, Reception up to 1200
  • Best for: Large-scale events, corporate parties, pop-up parties
  • What makes it unique: Enormous space capable of fitting more than 100 people, breathtaking views of the Tower of London

If you’re looking for a venue to fit A LOT of people, this is the one for you. Few other London venues can match the space options of this venue and none of them provide such spectacular views of one of London’s most famous landmarks.

Set in the shadow of the Tower of London, this venue is exactly what you’re looking for when planning a product launch, awards ceremony or corporate party. With both indoor and outdoor spaces, it’s easily customised to meet your needs.

Check out the venue here!

The Garden Room at Syon Park

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 19.30.02

  • Venue Capacity: Conference up to 600 people, Buffet/Reception up to 800 people
  • Best for: Large-scale outdoor corporate events.
  • What makes it unique: 50 acres of gorgeous parkland, 10 miles from Central London, full services.

Just 10 miles from Central London and situated amidst more than 50 acres of parkland, this purpose-built space is just what you want for your pop-up event!

Your guests will love strolling around the exclusive private gardens, taking in the neoclassical architecture of Syon House and enjoying the luxury of the many Syon Park spaces. Event coordinators will find that the spaces are flexible and fully customisable according to your event.

Check out the venue here!

The Serpentine Gallery

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 19.43.42

  • Venue Capacity: Reception up to 500, Conference 120, Outside space up to 500
  • Best for: Summer parties, corporate retreats, product launches
  • What makes it unique: Breathtaking outdoor venue with access to the Royal Park of Kensington Gardens

Nestled amidst the gorgeous Kensington Gardens, the Serpentine Gallery is home to peerless works of art. Just a short distance away sits The Magazine, a restaurant that provides world-class catering for your event.

The historic Grade II listed building makes for a spectacular backdrop for your event, and the contemporary art will make your visitors feel like they stepped into a whole new world. It’s a truly unique venue, one that combines the best of the great outdoors with the creative genius of some of Britain’s greatest modern artists.

Check out the venue here!

Studio Spaces


  • Venue Capacity: Standing 200
  • Best for: Parties, product launches, small-scale banquets
  • What makes it unique: Quality sound equipment and central location are perfect for parties

If you want to throw a pop-up event that attracts a younger crowd, this is the venue for you! It’s one of the latest additions to our Venueseeker catalog, and just what you need to host an event with a true feeling of exclusivity.

The famous nightclub is one of London’s top “blackout” venues, with a studio fully cloaked in black to give you the feeling of a hidden underground venue. It’s a beautiful urban venue that will appeal to a younger crowd, providing you with a space where you can speak their language to share the news of your product or service.

Check out the venue here!

What do you think of these event spaces? Do they fit your needs? Which are your favorites? Drop a comment below and let us know which venues you loved!

We do so much more than just provide the best pop up venue London can offer! In addition to quality pop-up spaces, our partners at Ultimate Experience will help you plan an event like no other. Our goal is to deliver an unforgettable experience for both you and your guests, so let us help you make your event a day or night to remember.


7 Corporate Event Branding Ideas to Increase Attendee Engagement

Hosting a corporate event is a great way to spread the word about a new product, service, or component of your company or corporation. The more people you invite, the wider the word will spread. These type of events can be far more effective than a press release, advertising spot or marketing campaign. After all, word of mouth is the best type of promotion around.

But it’s important that your event is properly branded. What does that mean? It means offering something that is unique and fresh to those who attend, and that is easily identified with your company and product. You don’t want people to walk away from your event thinking, “I had a great time!” without also thinking, “I’d like to learn more about (your company).” Good branding will ensure that your invitees enjoy themselves and leave interested in what you have to offer.

Knowing how to brand an event is easier said than done. Event branding is an art and a science, one that requires a delicate hand. Here are some event branding ideas to help you “hook” your guests with what you have to offer:

Get Social

Did you know that according to 88% of UK marketers use social media to increase awareness about their events before they occur. If you can get people to Tweet and post on Facebook about your event, you’re more likely to spread the word quickly. Social media is one of the best FREE ways to promote your event and product, so it’s vital you take advantage of it.

How can you do that?

  • Offer your guests something special if they “check in” at your event on Foursquare or Facebook.
  • Come up with a clever hashtag that people will want to share on Twitter. There are plenty event-planning specific hashtags. Here’s a list, use it wisely!
  • Make the event something photo-worthy. Encourage your guests to share their photos on social media. Always make sure your logo is visible in the background.
  • Take photos of the guests having fun and send the pictures to them after the event.
  • Live-Tweet activities as they are taking place.

Social media can be an amazing tool to help you promote your event if you know how to use it correctly. It’s worth hiring a social media consultant if you want to make the most of free marketing platforms.


Group of Diverse People Discussing About Social Media

Your Name in Lights

There’s no better way to make your company name or logo stand out than writing it in big, bright letters! You can create an illuminated display with your company name or logo and hang it above the entrance to the event or over the podium, stage, or wherever the centre of attention will be. The brand will be the light that will provide illumination for the event or activities.

It will be impossible for your guests to ignore and it will stay on their minds throughout the event.

Make it Match

Make sure your décor, food and drinks complement your logo, brand, and company image.

Here are a few examples:

  • Make the icing on the cakes or biscuits the same colour as your logo
  • Hire a mixologist to create a custom cocktail with a “flavour palate” that matches your company brand
  • Serve the food or drinks produced by your company

All that matters is that your offerings match the image of your company that you wish to convey. Most people will remember food and drink above everything else, so that’s where you’ll want to focus your attention.

Decorate With Your Logo

Decorating the venue with your company logo and branding is a good way to ensure that it stays in the forefront of your guests’ minds as they eat, drink, relax, and enjoy themselves. For example:

  • Use napkins monogrammed with your logo
  • Use placeholders and seating cards featuring your logo
  • Use your logo as the backdrop for the stage or podium
  • Stamp your logo on every plate, cup, and fork

Be warned: you don’t want to overdo it with the branded decorations! If it’s too “in your face”, it could annoy your guests. You want to be subtle and tasteful with the branded décor, as that will help to keep the logo in your guests’ minds without being too overt.

Have a Photo Wall

Everyone loves a good picture, and a collage is definitely going to attract attention. A great way to get people interested in you and your brand is by putting them in the spotlight.

When each guest shows up to the event, take a picture of them. Perhaps give them a funny T-shirt to wear, a crazy hat, or some other prop that will make the picture amusing and unique. Print the picture out (or take Polaroids), write the guest’s name on the photo and hang it on one wall of the venue. Add new pictures when every new guest arrives, until the wall is covered with pictures.

Blank photos on scattered on a green brick background

At the end of the event, invite all of your guests to go and find their picture and take it home. It’s a fun little memento they’ll have of the event, and it will serve as a reminder every time they look at it. If your logo is featured in the background of the photo, they will associate the memory of their enjoyment with your event. Branding success!

Host a Photo Competition

One of the best new event branding ideas is using a custom Instagram frame to take pictures of your guests. It costs less than £50 to create your own Instagram frame (complete with your unique hashtags). All of the guests hold up the frame, take a picture, and post the picture to their Instagram feed. If every post earns them a chance to win a prize, they’ll be more likely to do it.

It’s a fun, unique way to encourage your guests to share your event via social media, and it will help to put your unique hashtag in circulation around the internet. There are a plenty of companies who do it exceptionally well, take a look at some examples on this link.

Give a Takeaway

Everyone loves a goodie bag! If you want to keep the memory of your event firmly fixed in your guests’ minds, give them something to take home. When they see the item or items the next day, it will imprint the memory of your corporate event on their minds. They will be far less likely to forget about your event – ergo, your brand – as they enjoy whatever items you sent home with them.


A goodie bag doesn’t have to be a costly thing. You can fill it with all sorts of things, such as:

  • Sweets and chocolates with your logo on the wrapper
  • Knick-knacks for home use, all branded with your logo
  • Cookies or mini-cupcakes
  • Your company’s products

All that matters is that your guests have something to take home, something they will see the next day. That will be enough to remind them of the fun they had at your event, and it will keep that positive memory of your brand affixed in their minds. Here’s a compilation of good ideas to get you started.

Find any of these tips useful? We hope so! Our Venueseeker experts have dedicated themselves to planning events that can help you spread the word of your brand as efficiently as possible.

If you are thinking of hosting a corporate event, why not let us help? Not only can we provide you with some of the best, most unique event venues in London and the rest of the UK, but we can help you plan every aspect of your party or event. With our assistance, you’ll make your corporate event the party to remember!

Do you have any tips to help improve corporate branding and increase attendee engagement? Leave a comment below and let us know…


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