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The 7 Most Creative Themed Venues in London

Why settle for anything less than extraordinary when it comes to choosing a venue for your next event? Our themed venues London will leave your guests and attendees open-mouthed as they look around, explore, and enjoy themselves in these remarkable spaces.

Themed venues have been very much on the rise in recent years, as events attendees increasingly demand more spectacle from the spaces they visit.

Map to our favourite creative-themed venues:

Whether the theme is specific to one evening only (and there are dozens of amazing themed venues which offer a ‘blank canvas’ onto which you can project your wildest ambitions), or the entire venue is decorated up to the nines with thematic adornment, there’s a massive range to choose from.

At Venueseeker, we absolutely love themed venues in London. There’s something so special about going all-out with decorative features, menus, lighting, furnishing and much, much more, and providing guests with a truly immersive and memorable experience.

That’s why we’ve compiled some of our absolute favourite themed venues here for you to browse through, and maybe consider for your next barnstorming happening right here in the capital.

Skylight London

Transport your attendees back in time to a period of Edwardian glamour and relaxed, outdoor pursuits. Skylight London is one of the capital’s most beautiful and impressive new venues, and is themed a vintage lawn club – here, your guests will have the chance to relax under the summer sunshine with a cooling glass of gin and tonic, or get up and partake in a game of croquet or petanque.

It’s a truly remarkable reimagining of an urban space, and one which is ideal for a wide range of events.skylight london - themed venues london

  • Capacity: n/a
  • Best for: relaxed social events, receptions.
  • What makes it unique: Who’d have thought such an amazing space could be created from a former city car park? The design team have done a remarkable job with Skylight London, transforming an eyesore into one of the city’s most elegant events venues. The rooftop bar and games areas are fast becoming London institutions, and rightly so – this space is absolutely gorgeous at any time of year!

Pitch Stratford

Funky, retro, and fun – those are the three words which immediately spring to mind when stepping into Pitch Stratford, a themed venue in London which slots perfectly into East London’s current obsession with 80s and 90s stylings.

It’s a daring and colourful outdoor space which offers plenty to keep your guests entertained, and it boasts everything from on-trend street food to an open air cinema, all packaged in vibrant tones and cool, retro fittings that never fail to crack a nostalgic smile.Pitch Stratford - Themed Venues in London

  • Capacity: n/a
  • Best for: Youthful, funky events, product launches, outdoor receptions
  • What makes it unique: With its feel-good vibes and chilled out social areas, Pitch Stratford is pitch-perfect for a modern East London venue. The food on offer (which includes handmade Italian and Greek street food) is gaining a reputation for being among the best on this side of the city, too!

Madame Tussauds

This legendary waxwork museum has long since been a must-visit part of the London tourist trail, and offers plenty of amazing chances to get up-close-and-personal with eerily authentic effigies of the rich and famous.

However, there’s so much more to this unique museum than the models on display; it’s also proving itself to be an amazing themed venue in London that’s perfect for a wide range of functions. With 5 themed spaces on offer, this is a glamorous and exciting venue that your guests and attendees will simply adore!Madame Tussauds - themed venues london

  • Capacity: up to 1,500
  • Best for: Large scale events, launches, conferences
  • What makes it unique: Madame Tussaud’s is a venue with amazing versatility. Moveable walls and impressive interior spaces make large functions seamless and fun, and the Hollywood themed decor is perfect for glitzy affairs that will never be forgotten.

What’s more, it’s completely kitted out with the latest and greatest plasma screens and audiovisual gear, meaning this venue really has to be seen to be believed!

The Magic Circle

Do you want to offer your guests and attendees a truly remarkable experience, which is filled with mystery and child-like wonder? If so, then the headquarters of the secretive Magic Circle is the themed venue in London for you.

From the moment your guests enter, they’ll be left open-mouthed in amazement at the curios on display (which include a miraculous ‘floating’ staircase), and they’ll waste no time poking around the beautiful rooms which hold wonders of their own.

Unique, unforgettable, and imbued with a sense of the miraculous, this is one themed venue that will surely make a huge impact.themed venues london - magic circle

  • Capacity: up to 100 guests
  • Best for: stylish receptions, meetings, launches
  • What makes it unique: There aren’t many venues in London which can claim to be quite as unique as The Magic Circle. Each room has its own character and style, and boasts plenty of artefacts from the history of showmanship and magic.

What’s more, the central location makes this most secretive of venues (ironically) quite easy for your attendees to find!

Rainforest Cafe

Who could fail to go wild for this jungle-themed London venue, which is as charming as it is beguiling, as childlike as it is immersive?

Situated in the beating heart of London that is Piccadilly Circus, the Rainforest Cafe has been styled as an interior tropical landscape, complete with life-size animal replicas, dense foliage, tropical fish tanks, and even indoor waterfalls!

It’s an incredible place to hold an event, and the perfect setting in which to completely forget the fact that you’re actually in one of the world’s busiest metropolises.rainforest cafe - themed venues london

  • Capacity: up to 650 guests
  • Best for: Awards ceremonies, AGMs, receptions
  • What makes it unique: This themed venue has ‘unique’ printed all over it. Where else in London could you enjoy a cocktail next to a crocodile, or pick at vol-au-vents while looking at models of gorillas and orangutans?

The sense of fun at this venue is underpinned by a serious message, though: it’s partnered with the World Land Trust, whose charitable mission is to save the precious rainforests of the world for future generations.

The Cuckoo Club

With its decadent interiors, incredible lighting, and plush, relaxing, utterly luxurious vibe, The Cuckoo Club on London’s iconic Regent’s Street is a venue which is quickly gaining a reputation as one of the finest in the city. As a themed venue, The Cuckoo Club absolutely excels.

Every detail is bespoke, boutique, and undeniably glamorous, and makes for an impressive space which sits somewhere between vintage charm and state-of-the-art perfection.The Cuckoo Club - themed venues london

  • Capacity: up to 450 guests
  • Best for: chic, elegant events, VIP receptions, launches
  • What makes it unique: the main unique point of the Cuckoo Club is the sense that not the tiniest detail has been overlooked. From the moody, sophisticated lighting to the high-end furnishings, spending an evening in this remarkable space is something to truly remember and cherish.

With a sound system said to be among the best in the world, this is a venue which really has the potential to make your event go off with a real bang!


London is famed around the world for the fact that there are so many event spaces which have beautifully repurposed old buildings, and have made them into something vibrant, happening, hip, and utterly irresistible. Generator is a great example of this concept, having been made from an old police training barracks into one of central London’s most vibrant venues. Situated close to Kings Cross St Pancras and Russell Square stations, this events space is as accessible as it is on-trend, and there’s no doubt your guests will fall in love with it at first sight.Then Generator - themed venues lodon

  • Capacity: up to 200 guests
  • Best for: launches, receptions, AGMs, parties
  • What makes it unique: The laid-back, urban vibe of Generator is a thrill to behold, and there’s no doubt that your guests will have a fantastic time relaxing in this refurbished police barracks while enjoying some of London’s finest craft beers. With amazing projection facilities and surround sound, it’s a top-notch party space, and ideal for presentations, too.

Themed Venues London: Make Your Event Extraordinary

With the themed venues London on our books, you can really pump up the unique factors of your next event, and organise something which goes above and beyond the ordinary.

The interiors and thematic spaces on offer are purpose-built to add a wow-factor to conferences, parties, and so much more, and we’re confident your attendees will find plenty to rave about on social media thanks to these incredible venues.

At Venueseeker, we just love it when a venue adds thematic features and decorations – it really adds a sense of celebration and fun to proceedings.

If you’d like to see more themed venues, or want to know a bit more about what we do as a first-class events company, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you!

The Real Englishman’s Guide to Pub Wedding Venues

For the true Englishman (or woman, for that matter), there’s quite simply nothing better than pub wedding venues. Packed with charm, teeming with history and interesting features, and – crucially – featuring full-stocked bars, with cask conditioned ales and a plethora of tempting treats, they’re the ideal place to spend your big day.

We’re lucky here in England that we have more historic and interesting pubs you could shake a stick at, and our pub wedding venues London are sure to get your imagination going while planning the most important day of your life!

Map to our favourite pub wedding venues:

Pub wedding venues have plenty of benefits going for them aside from their charm and beer cellars, too.

They’re generally an affordable option (indeed, our pub wedding venues London are varied enough to suit everybody’s budget), and have a more relaxed, informal, and less stuffy vibe than somewhere like a stately home or official wedding venue.

What’s more, pub wedding venues tend to be highly accessible, have good parking options, and their own function rooms in which you can make the party last until the early hours!

All in all, it’s fair to say that hosting your wedding in a classic British pub is an option which simply cannot be overlooked.

Here at Venueseeker, we’re always on the lookout for exciting pub wedding venues London which tick all of our boxes. We’ve seen some amazing usage of space over the past few years, and it’s always exciting to see what new trends and ideas pop up here in the capital.

As always, we’ve compiled some of our absolute favourites here for you to browse… who knows? Maybe one of these awesome pub venues might even host your wedding one day soon!

Tamesis Dock

Are you on the lookout for a pub wedding venue with a difference? Tamesis Dock is surely one of the most chilled out and relaxed venues on our books, and combines the unique charm of a floating pub with the kind of views that will leave your assembled guests open-mouthed.

Moored between the Millennium Eye and the Houses of Parliament, your wedding will benefit from the kind of backdrop that’s the stuff of opulent fantasies.

With its fully stocked bar, spacious seating area, professional kitchen and unique vibe, Tamesis Dock is, understandably, one of the hottest tickets in central London today.Tamesis Dock - pub wedding venues

  • Capacity: Up to 150 guests.
  • Best For: Friendly, relaxed and intimate summer weddings with fantastic views of the city.
  • What Makes it Special? The Tamesis Dock is one of London’s most unique pub wedding venues. Boasting iconic views of the Houses of Parliament, it’s a chilled-out floating pub which will ensure all your guests are smiling throughout.

The Kings Head

Fancy hosting your wedding in a converted London pub which hits the heady heights of elegance and sophistication? If so, then The Kings Head should definitely make its way on to your list of venues to visit.

Situated in the heart of trendy East London, this hip and decadent venue manages to walk the line between modern, fashion-conscious style, and classic, timeless chic – perfect for a wedding looking to make a real impact on the guests.

This really is a venue with everything: an amazing location, a great restaurant, several comfortable function rooms, and even a secret dancefloor!King's Head - pub wedding venues

  • Capacity: Up to 200 guests
  • Best for: Chic, sophisticated weddings with an urban edge
  • What makes it special? A better question might be ‘what doesn’tmake this London pub wedding venue special?’ With its amazing interiors, great range of spaces, and unique private club vibe, it’s an ideal place for a wedding which oozes class.

The Barrel Project

OK – so this venue isn’t exactly a pub, but if you’re looking for somewhere which maintains that same laid-back-yet-sophisticated vibe, then this is one wedding venue you simply cannot miss.

Your guests will be blown away by the beautiful 8 foot tall wine barrels from Burgundy and Bordeaux which line this stunning space, along with the soft, moody lighting, incredible interior design, and awesome range of unique craft beers.The Barrel Project - pub wedding venues

  • Capacity: Up to 150 guests
  • Best for: Craft-obsessed weddings, and those looking for the best beers and ales in London.
  • What makes it special? The superb location (between London Bridge and Bermondsey), the amazing atmosphere, and the sheer unique splendour of the gigantic wine barrels all make this venue a truly awe-inspiring choice for a wedding party.

The Bat and Ball

Imagine a trendy London pub… and now imagine it supercharged, supersized, and packed full of amazing features that can really add a bang to a wedding party or reception!

If you’re looking for a venue which packs in the latest, buzzing, fashion-conscious trends, and yet has the space and amenities you need to throw a truly memorable wedding party, then look no further than The Bat and Ball.

It takes the classic East London pub vibe and absolutely runs with it, resulting in a pub wedding venue London quite unlike any other in the city.The Bat and Ball - pub wedding venues

  • Capacity: up to 600 guests
  • Best for: Larger wedding parties which need plenty of space and cool features.
  • What makes it special? Hip, fun, chilled out and fully stocked and ready to become the venue of your wildest dreams, The Bat and Ball is a stunning new addition to London’s party and events venue scene. DJs, ping pong tables, a games hall, photo booths… this is a space which really does have everything!

Lights of Soho

Is it a pub? Is it an art gallery? Is it a private club, members bar, secret cinema or music venue? The truth is, Lights of Soho is all of these things, and much, much more besides.

With its underground vibe and sense of true uniqueness, Lights of Soho isn’t everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to choosing a wedding venue… but if you’re looking for something truly out of the ordinary, and absolutely jam-packed with amazing features and things to see, then this is a venue you have to see to believe.lights of soho london - pub wedding venues

  • Capacity: up to 120 guests
  • Best for: funky, leftfield, artsy weddings which want to stand out from the crowd.
  • What makes it special? This incredible venue has a legendary status on London’s underground and alternative scene, and holding a private function or wedding party here is something that will make your event go down as one of the must-visit nights of the year. Colourful, vibrant, and utterly unique, visiting Lights of Soho is an experience in itself.

Noir W1

Want to host your wedding reception in one of the capitals sleekest and chicest cocktail bars?

Noir W1 fits the bill very nicely indeed, and with its mood lighting, amazing furnishings, and fully stocked bar (with highly talented cocktail mixers and bar staff included), can prove to be the ideal pub wedding venue for you and your guests.Noir W1 - pub wedding venues

  • Capacity: up to 300 guests
  • Best for: Stylish and modern wedding parties
  • What makes it special? Set over two floors (one of which features the designated ‘frolic room’), this is a spacious and truly elegant venue which constantly throws up surprises. Bespoke cocktails, quality Champagne, and much, much more await your guests, as does gourmet European food. Perfection!

The Brewery

Why choose a London pub for your wedding, when you can choose an entire brewery? This venue might not be in the beer-making business any more, but everywhere you look inside the cavernous space of The Brewery, you’ll find reminders of the venue’s impressive and historic heritage.

From huge halls to intimate chambers, the sheer range of events spaces in this venue is incredible – there’s no doubt you’ll find something perfect and characterful for a wedding to truly remember.The Brewery - pub wedding venues

  • Capacity: up to 1000 guests
  • Best for: huge, fun-filled weddings in need of fantastic catering options
  • What makes it special? Beautiful rooms (including the stunning ‘sugar room’, bathed in natural light) and amazing amenities make The Brewery a truly impressive wedding venue. Here, 18th century opulence meets 21st century style, and a level of versatility that few other venues could match in London.

Pub Wedding Venues That’ll Never Be Forgotten

There’s no doubt that London’s pub wedding venues – whether they’re historic drinking houses or chic, modern affairs – are ideal for weddings both big and small.

There’s something joyful about a pub wedding, and we’re more than happy to see these amazing spaces being used for such incredible and happy moments.

Here at Venueseeker, we love matching our clients with the venues that are really making a difference in the capital. If you’d like to find out more about what we do, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re considered a top-notch service provider for good reason, and we’d be delighted to show you what we’re made of.

The 10 Most Amazing Wedding Venues in the UK – 2018 Edition

When it comes to the most important day of your life, absolutely nothing can be left to chance. Every detail takes on enormous significance – from the flowers, to the cake, to the clothes, decorations, invitations and more… and yet perhaps no detail is more important than the venue itself.

That’s why Venueseeker is always on the lookout for amazing wedding venues UK with which to amaze our clients, and ensure their wedding day is as unforgettable as it deserves to be.

Map to our favourite UK wedding venues:

With an incredible and unique wedding venue UK, a celebration of marriage becomes a genuinely thrilling and wondrous event for all involved.

From historic buildings oozing with charm and sophistication, to more modern venues that ramp up the sense of ceremony and spectacle, our amazing wedding venues UK are tried-and-tested in their magnificence and their ability to take your special occasion to new and memorable heights.

We’ve put together 9 of our favourite UK wedding venues for you to browse through, each one hand-picked for their delightful features and ability to impress. Who knows?

Maybe one of these will end up being the place your big day will be held. If so, there’s no doubt the in-laws will be left open-mouthed with wonder!

The Venue, Royal Liver Building

When it comes to iconic British venues, they don’t get much more famous or beloved than this one. As a unique wedding venue UK, the Royal Liver Building on Liverpool’s historic Albert Dock has everything you could possibly need for a truly unforgettable wedding, and one which will pack in the elegance, decadence and sophistication like no other.

  • Capacity: up to 200 guests
  • Best for: Intimate, impressive weddings with amazing views
  • What makes it unique: The Liver Building is a British icon in its own right, and watching the sun set over the river Mersey as the lights of the city start to twinkle is a magical experience that will add a sense of wonder to any wedding.

Royal Liver Building - amazing wedding venues uk

The Garden Room at Syon Park

If you’re looking for an amazing wedding venue UK with plenty of genteel charm, then The Garden Room at Syon Park is sure to delight and tick every box. Purpose built for elegant and sophisticated events, this venue is surrounded by 50 acres of pristine parkland, and offers unrivalled views of the glorious neoclassical Syon House.

  • Capacity: up to 800 guests
  • Best for:Larger-scale outdoor summertime weddings
  • What makes it unique:With its separate reception and dining areas, fully kitted-out dance floor, and private car park, this venue excels at making wedding dreams come true. A true taste of the English countryside, yet with every mod con you could wish for.

The Garden Room at Syon Park - amazing wedding venues uk


Not everybody wants a traditional stately home wedding, and who could blame them? Sometimes, the best wedding venues are those onto which you can project your own ideas, your own personality, and your own unique twist on the big day… and that ‘blank canvas’ is exactly what you get at Icetank. A stunning white space with the capacity and potential to become absolutely anything you desire, this incredible London wedding venue is the perfect antidote to the rural manor house, and simply exudes urbane chic and city style.

  • Capacity: n/a
  • Best for: Cool, hip, modern city weddings
  • What makes it unique: with 2500 sq ft of space, a massive range of technological equipment, screens, speaker systems and more, this London venue is all set to become whatever you want it to be. With a dedicated team of event professionals on hand, you can transform Icetank into your amazing wedding venue UK with the greatest of ease.

Icetank -amazing wedding venues uk


If you dream of having your wedding in the heart of London’s coolest district, then OXO2 is sure to make those dreams come true. Housed in an iconic South Bank landmark, this unique wedding venue UK is fully equipped with anything and everything you could need to make the party go off with a bang… and once your guests see the sunset over the river Thames, they’ll be just as in love as the bride and groom.

  • Capacity: up to 400 guests
  • Best for: Chic, modern weddings
  • What makes it unique:OXO2 is one of London’s finest blank canvas venues, housed in an incredible building in an even more incredible location. Completely flexible, utterly versatile, and undeniably brilliant, OXO2 has played host to a massive array of events throughout its history, and is sure to be able to make your wedding a truly special occasion.

OXO2 - amazing wedding venues uk

Somerset House

Utterly elegant, breathtakingly beautiful, and teeming with history and period details, Somerset House is perhaps the capital’s ultimate amazing wedding venue UK. With centuries of history, an incredible riverside location, and everything you could wish for in order to create a party fit for royalty, it’s no wonder Somerset House is first choice for so many marriages.

  • Capacity:up to 1500 guests
  • Best for: large, grandiose weddings
  • What makes it unique: This incredibly stately home on the banks of the Thames has seen more than its fair share of parties and weddings across the centuries. Your guests will be overwhelmed by its beauty and opulence, and it’s hard to think of a grander or more elegant venue to be found anywhere in London.

Somerset House - amazing wedding venues uk

Bleeding Heart

If you’re looking for a decadent, intimate venue for your wedding reception, then London’s Bleeding Heart is a fascinating and memorable choice. It was chosen by none other than Henry VIII for one of his (many) wedding feasts which apparently lasted three whole days… so you can rest assured the staff will be prepared for pretty much anything you have in mind. Spectacularly beautiful, packed full of period features and stunning furnishings, this venue is sure to impress even the fussiest of guests.

  • Capacity: up to 150 guests
  • Best for: Quirky, intimate weddings and banquets
  • What makes it unique:A medieval crypt might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but if you like to do things differently and want an amazing wedding venue UK which really boasts an incredible history, then this stunning venue beneath Ely Place really fits the bill.

Bleeding Heart - amazing wedding venues uk

Dulwich Picture Gallery

For a bit of Georgian glamour for your wedding, Dulwich Picture Gallery offers plenty of historic spectacle and grandiosity. Easily accessible from central London, and absolutely bursting with fascinating features and incredible artworks, your guests will simply adore wandering around this unique wedding venue and taking it all in.

  • Capacity:up to 500 guests
  • Best for:Sophisticated and elegant weddings
  • What makes it unique: You can’t beat a bit of culture when it comes to a wedding venue, and Dulwich Picture Gallery is one of London’s premier cultural hubs. All profits from wedding receptions and other events go back into the gallery’s conservation, too, so your event can help maintain this artistic gem of a building for future generations to enjoy.


Dulwich Picture Gallery - amazing wedding venues uk

Oakley Court

Set in the rolling Windsor countryside,

is the quintessential English manor wedding venue. Slightly eccentric in its design, and glorious in its neo-gothic features, it’s as quirky as it is imposing and impressive. With an incredible catering team on site making the most of the local seasonal produce, this is an enchanting and beautiful wedding venue that will set all hearts alight.

  • Capacity: 200 – 500
  • Best for: Grand and impressive weddings
  • What makes it unique:With its beautiful interiors and stunning period design, this wedding venue has a real sense of magic and mysticism about it.

Oakley Court - amazing wedding venues uk

The Foundling Museum

Lavish, extravagant, and impeccably stylish – those are just three ways to describe The Foundling Museum. This is an amazing wedding venue UK with a fascinating history and a truly impressive set of features, and it’s sure to make your wedding one to remember and cherish the memory of.

  • Capacity: 250
  • Best for:Extravagant, majestic, and stylish weddings
  • What makes it unique:The layout and interiors of the Foundling Museum make it a truly spectacular wedding venue. Guests will adore looking around the exhibits, and marvelling at the charitable history of this remarkable place.

The Foundling Museum - amazing wedding venues uk

Unique Wedding Venues UK to Truly Impress Your Guests

A wedding is a day which should perfectly reflect the personalities of the bride and groom, and that’s why the venue is such a key component. The right venue can truly make all the difference to the event, and here at Venueseeker, we’re committed to helping our clients find the perfect location for their perfect marriage ceremonies and receptions.

If you’d like to find out more about what we do at Venueseeker, and would like to know how we can make your next event go off with a bang, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

How to Choose the Best Catering London has to offer: What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages?

Whether you’re organising a large-scale conference or awards ceremony, or a more intimate business meeting or reception, it’s difficult to overstate the importance of good catering. Finding the best catering in London isn’t necessarily easy though, and there are plenty of factors you’ll have to bear in mind while looking for the company which fits your vision and suits your needs.

perfect catering

However, a London catering service should make your foodie dreams a reality and should still handle feeding  the masses – this addition to your event is one which can really heighten the experience of your attendees. It is often, quite literally, the icing on the cake, and it can allow you to push the reputation of your brand to new and exciting heights.

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Catering Service

For many events attendees, the success of an event will be judged by a significant degree on the quality of the venue, the entertainment, and on the food. These are the things which will probably stick most pervasively in people’s memories, and great-looking and delicious dishes also have a lot of power when it comes to shareable social media posts. If you choose a London catering service, make sure you weigh up all the pros and cons beforehand.

The Pros

Expertise and Experience

It goes without saying that the best London catering companies will have years of expertise and plenty of experience in creating wonderful dishes for large-scale events. They’ll take enormous pride in their ability to fulfil briefs, ensure client satisfaction, and bring a touch of distinction and class to any event.


Do you need a London catering service to whip up a themed dinner for your event? Do you want a fusion menu bringing together Thai flavours and Scottish traditional cuisine? Do you need branded cupcakes and a purple chocolate fountain? No matter what your request is, there will be a catering company out there willing to rise to the challenge. The best catering company in London will have been everywhere and seen it all, so don’t be shy in asking for exactly what you want, and seeing who will accept the brief.


Your attendees will be expecting something truly spectacular from your event catering, and award-winning caterers have seen first-hand how expectations in this regard are rising year after year. Whether that involves beautifully presented dishes featuring the latest trendy ingredients, stunningly put-together spreads of food, innovative cocktails or groundbreaking recipes, this level of spectacle requires you to call in the experts. The best catering services in London will be able to deliver a real show-stopping feast at your event, and it’ll have your guests talking about the food served for years to come.

spectacular catering London


Top London catering companies have to take great care to ensure that all hygiene standards are consistently met – their reputation depends upon it. With expert catering services, you simply don’t have to worry about any hygiene concerns, and you can rest assured that your event can go ahead without any nasty surprises lurking down the line.


The Cons

The Cost

Naturally, the best London catering services don’t exactly come cheap. Depending on the size of your event, and the level of spectacle you’re after, you might be looking at a huge bill for the catering your order. Despite this fact, there are options out there for every budget, and many catering companies in London will be happy to negotiate a price which works for everybody involved.


At our partner caterers Create they’re enormously proud of their track record, and understand the importance of risk assessment and allaying clients’ fears. However, there are always risks involved in handing over responsibility to aspects of your event over to a third party. Human error is never far away, and you naturally want your event to be the roaring success you deserve it to be. When selecting a London catering service for your event, make sure you not only look through client reviews and listen out for genuine recommendations, but that you also take the time to meet a representative of the company face-to-face.


How to Choose a Catering Service?

Selecting the right catering company is something that can truly make or break your event. Your food and drinks, and their presentation, impact and quality are going to be among the most photographed and discussed aspects of your event… so it’s really important that if you decide to opt for a catering service, you’re choosing the one which really ticks every box!

Responsiveness and Interest in Your Event’s Needs

First impressions really count for a lot – in the events industry, we know this is true from first-hand experience. As such, the level of responsiveness and genuine interest in your event’s particulars will tell you a huge amount about how good a catering company’s service is likely to be on the big day.

Truly great catering companies should be genuinely interested in what you want for your event, and will listen carefully to your wishes and ambitions. Expect them to want to know about your theme, the vibe of the event, the budget you can stretch to, and to cover all those areas that need to looked into in order to ensure absolute success.

Consider their list of services

There are loads of different catering service providers in London, and not all of them are going to be right for your event. Different catering companies specialise in different things, and one which tends to work with weddings might not be suitable for a conference, and vice versa.

When choosing a catering company, look carefully at their list of services, and think even more carefully about exactly what you require. Do you just need someone to show up in the morning, cook and prepare the food, and then clear it up again afterwards? Or do you need a company that can also provide a full team of waiting staff and cocktail mixers? Such requirements will help you make the best selection for your needs.

Tasting Sessions

Services which offer the best catering in London will often provide tasting sessions for their clients, which can really make a massive difference when it comes to choosing which catering company to go with. A tasting session will provide you with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the quality of a caterer’s produce and their level of service, and will give you a clearer idea of what they can provide on your big day. Create have found that tasting sessions with our clients allow us to also firm up a working relationship, and they offer loads of opportunities for questions to be asked, and visions to be clarified.


Of course, the availability of a catering company is going to be of the utmost importance – it’s no good going along to tasting sessions, discussing a menu, and elaborating on your plans if the company is fully booked for the next six months and won’t be able to service your event! Make sure you go through the booking and payment process with them in some detail, and ensure that they have the availability to provide your event with their catering services before you go any further!

Bear in mind that the best catering services in London will most likely have a lot of advance bookings – these sorts of things take a lot of time and prior preparation, after all. Get in touch with several catering companies with plenty of notice before your event, and make sure everybody knows the dates that you will require them to work for you.


Some catering companies are very pricey, and others will be more affordable. Your budget will dictate what the catering company will be able to do for, how far they can stretch their skills and capabilities, and the sort of menu you’ll end up receiving on the day. Of course, the vast majority of caterers will have a range of different menus for different budgets, and large-scale events will often elicit some sort of discount, too – so don’t worry if you are working with a tight budget… there’s almost certainly a caterer out there that will be able to help you.

Do make sure you check that the prices quoted to you include things like VAT, tableware, and any other hidden extras. Plenty of events organisers have found themselves getting stung unexpectedly by costs they didn’t realise they’d have to pay!

Events Catering: Choose the Best, Get the Greatest

Catering services can really make a dramatic difference to your event, and provide plenty of memorable moments, delicious experiences, and culinary escapism for your attendees to enjoy. Deciding and determining whether or not you’ll need to call in caterers is as important decision for event organisers to make, and it’s one which deserves plenty of time and thought – don’t rush into it, don’t do it at the last minute, and make sure you’re hiring the best if you want the greatest results.

Create have years of experience when it comes to events catering, and by working side by side with Venueseeker, we’ve managed to create tempting menus and spectacular food experiences for top events all over London and beyond. If you’d like to find out what we can do for your next event, don’t hesitate to get in touch – we’d love to hear from you and all about your big ideas.

Organising a Bigger Event? These are our Favourite Sports Halls for Hire in London

There are times when bigger really is better. If you’re planning on organising a monster-sized event, packed full of eager attendees, then you’re going to need our sports hall hire London services. From huge halls to full-sized stadiums, we’ve got the venues you need to make your event go off with a real bang!

Map to our favourite sport’s halls:

It’s never been easier to get sports hall hire in London, thanks to the tireless work our team at Venueseeker put in. Whether you’re organising a large-scale conference, a major networking event, or the kind of launch party that people will be talking about for years to come… we’ve got the venues that will allow you to dream big, and realise your most ambitious goals.


Stadium of Light

  • Capacity: up to 1,000 guests
  • Best for: conferences, meetings, parties
  • What makes it unique: This huge venue is the home of Sunderland FC, and is an iconic stadium which has been serving fans and corporate events alike for two decades. Boasting everything you could need for a wide array of events, this stadium could be the perfect large-scale venue you’ve been looking for.

With a vast array of different rooms, bars, venues and more intimate spaces, events venues don’t get much more versatile than the stadium of light. Attendees will love the huge Black Cat’s Bar, which has an impressive capacity of up to 1,000 people, a disco, space for live entertainment, and views of the iconic pitch. For smaller scale gatherings, there’s the Riverview Brasserie, which offers guests elegance and comfort in its stylish surroundings, and the James Herriot suite, which is smaller still, and perfect for drinks receptions.

Twickenham Stadium

  • Capacity: 1,000+ guests
  • Best for: large scale conferences and private dinners
  • What makes it unique: you don’t have to be a rugby fan to appreciate the scale and grandeur of Twickenham stadium. With its excellent accessibility with over 2,000 parking places, and range of 25 rooms or spaces for hire, this is a venue which really does do it all.

Twickenham Stadium has long since proven itself to be one of the finest London sports halls for hire, with an excellent track record of amazing functions and conferences over the years. As the home of English rugby, this stadium is famed throughout the world, and hosting your event at this hallowed ground would be a dream come true for many! Sitting just a 20 minute drive from central London, and easily accessible from Heathrow airport, your delegates will be delighted at how brilliant accessible this venue is, before they’ve even stepped inside its magnificent interior.


Emirates Stadium

  • Capacity: up to 1,200 guests
  • Best for: standing events, conferences, receptions
  • What makes it unique: No expense was spared in creating the new home of Arsenal football club, and it really shows. Not only is this a world-class football stadium, it’s also one of the UK’s most impressive events spaces.

There are few people who haven’t heard of Emirates Stadium. Its opening was a major event in the world of sport, and ever since, it has enormously impressed sports fans and corporate events organisers alike – this is a venue which really packs in the features, and offers more versatility than most venues could dream of. The state of the art facilities mean that this is a sports hall for hire in London which really can make your wildest events fantasies a reality, and the dedicated team working there have more than proven their worth when it comes to making the impossible come to life.

Chelsea Football Club

  • Capacity: up to 1,500 guests
  • Best for: receptions, dinners, conferences, meetings
  • What makes it unique: Elegant, opulent, perfectly situated in West London, and packed full of superb features, it’s little wonder that Chelsea FC regularly tops the lists of events organisers’ dream venues. Capable of handling almost anything you could pitch at it, this is an events space in London which consistently impresses, and can provide a truly memorable experience for all.

If you’re looking for a sports venue to hire in London, then Chelsea FC is surely the one which truly has it all. Combining luxurious hotel accommodation with state-of-the-art meetings spaces and conference halls, and boasting facilities such as a gym, a health club and a spa, this venue is sure to put a huge smile on your guests’ faces as soon as they enter. 24 function rooms, 60 syndicate rooms, and a dedicated team of events experts at your disposal… what more could you possibly ask for?

Chelsea Football Club event

Lord’s Cricket Ground

  • Capacity: up to 1,000 guests
  • Best for: sophisticated events, intimate dining, large-scale conferences and networking
  • What makes it unique: Situated in the heart of London, and boasting some of the most impressive interiors you’ll find in a London sports hall for hire, Lord’s Cricket Ground is a superb venue with the versatility and wow-factor you need to make a big impression.

Lord’s Cricket Ground is the most iconic venue in the world when it comes to the great British sport of cricket. What many people don’t realise, however, is just how magnificent this venue is as an event’s space – the use of innovative interior design, period features, and modern facilities make this a peerless venue with the added bonus of being fantastically accessible. The Nursery Pavilion forms the heart of this venue, and it’s one of London’s largest events spaces – sure to make a powerful impact. However, it’s not all big and cavernous here; Lord’s also offers beautifully designed intimate spaces, perfect for dining and business meetings, too.


Copper Box Arena

  • Capacity: up to 7,500 guests
  • Best for: massive auditorium events and expos
  • What makes it unique: this brilliantly designed and fascinating venue is the third largest in London, and the star of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. Absolutely vast, highly flexible, and capable of hosting almost anything… it’s a real gold medal winner when it comes to sports halls for hire in London.

Versatility and flexibility are the two things which immediately spring to mind when it comes to the Copper Box Arena. This purpose-built venue was one of the crowning glories of the 2012 London Olympics, and its new life as a multifunctional events space means that event organisers in London now have an amazing venue to take full advantage of. With its amazing light and sound system, this is a venue in which you can truly host a spectacular event like no other.


Wembley Stadium

  • Capacity: up to 1,800 guests
  • Best for: awards ceremonies, world-class conferences
  • What makes it unique: There aren’t many venues in the world quite as iconic as Wembley Stadium. This venue has played host to some of the greatest sporting and musical events in history, and the atmosphere of this place is nothing short of electric.

Although the stadium itself has room for 90,000 spectators (making it the biggest stadium in the UK), within the complex, you’ll find conference rooms and events spaces which are no less impressive. Brilliantly accessible, utterly unforgettable, and perfect for lavish, impressive, world-class events of all descriptions, Wembley is a dream venue that allows you to think bigger than ever.

Wembley Stadium night event

Sports Venues for Hire London: Get the Wow Factor

Sports venues in London come with so many advantages. They’re set up to deal with massive numbers of people, and cope with all kinds of logistics challenges. They’re highly accessible, generally enormously impressive and lavish, and come with the kind of atmospheres that other venues would give their right arms for.

Venueseeker knows great venues when we see them, and we love nothing more than finding the perfect spaces for our clients to transform into perfect events. With our skills and experience, there’s nothing we can’t do – and that’s why we’re a top-notch provider in the events industry. Get in touch today to find out more!

Our Favourite Church Halls For Hire

Here in London (not to mention elsewhere in the UK), we’ve always revelled in the spirit of reinvention. This spirit is alive and well in the church halls for hire our clients so quickly fall in love with, and it isn’t difficult to see their appeal. These are venues which have stood the test of time, and display incredible architectural features which span the centuries.

Map to our favourite church halls:

When you choose a church hall for hire as an event venue, you can  benefit from something which so many other venues struggle to achieve: a genuine sense of atmosphere.

Whether they are spaces which are continued to be used for worship, or venues which have completely reimagined themselves as top class events spaces, we have no doubt that you’ll be able to find something ideal for your next conference, workshop, meeting or launch.

One Mayfair

  • Capacity: up to 550 guests
  • Best for: Flashy, impressive events with audio-visual capabilities
  • What makes it unique: This space is an old London church, which has completely reimagined itself as one of London’s most impressive events venues.

One Mayfair is a building which packs in heaps of charm, loads of unique architectural features, and all the hi-tech conveniences you could wish for in order to hold a truly starry night of amazing possibilities. The central space is lined with Neo-Classical arches, the stained-glass windows provide a truly spectacular backdrop, and the building is rigged up with amazing audio-visual equipment, allowing you to dazzle your attendees.

This venue has hosted some truly impressive names over the past few years: Rihanna, Stella McCartney, Colin Firth… the list goes on and on. Why do they choose One Mayfair? Quite simply because there are few other London venues which are as beautiful, atmospheric or spellbinding as this one.

All Saints, Edmonton

  • Capacity: up to 80 guests
  • Best for: small scale, affordable events
  • What makes it unique: intimate, peaceful and relaxed, this church hall for hire is perfect for low-key events which require a quiet and affordable setting.

With its spacious and well-hit hall space, All Saints Edmonton is a brilliantly cost-effective venue for a wide range of different uses. It’s regularly used for holding classes and workshops, concerts and meetings, and provides plenty of tranquillity for those events which need everybody focused and calm. What’s more, the space can be made even more affordable when repeat bookings are involved: prices drop down to a staggeringly low £15 per hour!

All Saints Church inside
Christ Church, Spitalfields

  • Capacity: up to 600 guests
  • Best for: receptions, conferences, exhibitions
  • What makes it unique: Christ Church Spitalfields is an iconic London building, which manages to balance the fine line between awe-inspiring beautiful, and high-level functionality.

Situated in the heart of London’s trendiest district, Christ Church Spitalfields is nothing short of an East End icon. Built by the world-famous Hawksmoor in the 18th century, it’s a truly astonishing architectural marvel, and if you’re looking for a venue which has the space, variety, and impressive impact you need for your event, this building ticks every single box… and then some.

The Nave is the key feature here, and offers a massive amount of room – flanked by original architectural features and bathed in natural light – for conferences and receptions. However, move around the venue, and you’ll find plenty more hidden gems for your use and delight.

St Georges Campden Hill

  • Capacity: up to 100 guests
  • Best for: receptions, conferences, workshops
  • What makes it unique: Amazing acoustics and beautiful natural light make St Georges an ideal venue for impressing your guests, and showing off this part of London’s unique history and architecture.

With its stunning Victorian neo-gothic architecture, cavernous central space, and delightful original features, St Georges Campden Hill is yet another London church hall for hire that really has the opportunity to take your event to the next level. With the church hall itself for hire alongside a community space, there are plenty of options for a wide range of events here.

St. George's Church
St Pauls Cathedral

  • Capacity: up to 350 guests
  • Best for: dinners, receptions and conferences
  • What makes it unique: There’s no doubt your attendees will be left speechless as they enter the most iconic of London’s religious buildings!

St Pauls Cathedral needs no introduction. This building was designed by the most famous English architect of all time, Christopher Wren, after the devastation of The Great Fire of London.

As an events space, this church hall for hire is second-to-none. Your guests will be stunned by the pristine beauty of the cathedral, which is filled with natural light and masterfully designed acoustics. The space is kitted out with modern PA speakers, and other modern conveniences, too – and you’ll be assured of a comfortable and efficient event no matter what you choose to host here. For dinners and more intimate meetings, you can also hire out the cathedral crypt; surely one of London’s most atmospheric and fascinating events spaces available!

St Pauls Community Centre

  • Capacity: up to 150 guests
  • Best for: conferences, rehearsal space
  • What makes it unique: Friendly, multifunctional and intimate, this church hall for hire is ideal for a wide range of purposes

This affordable community centre in Marylebone is a great example of a church hall repurposing itself for a wide range of contemporary uses. It’s regularly hired as a rehearsal space for all kinds of creative workshops, but is also ideal as an affordable, intimate and relaxed conference venue, too.

Museum of The Order of St John

  • Capacity: up to 200 guests
  • Best for: parties, dinners, conferences
  • What makes it unique: in the heart of the city, this stunning building is a genuinely ancient hidden gem of a venue.

With rooms dating back as far as the 12th century, the Museum of the Order of St John is one of the oldest, most atmospheric, and most impressive venues on our books. It has been beautifully preserved and renovated, making it ideal for modern conferences, workshops, parties and launches, and your guests will be bowled over by the pristine beauty of the architecture and its grounds. The Church within the museum can be hired, as can the crypt beneath – perfect for dinners and concerts.

Church Halls in London: Unique and Atmospheric Events Spaces

Here at Venueseeker, we love presenting our clients with fascinating, unique, and beautiful events spaces onto which they can project their ideas. These church halls for hire really pack in plenty of atmosphere, and the sheer range on offer is impressive in itself. Just watch as your guests are wowed while exploring these stunning venues, and know that you’re getting in touch with the living history of this ever-changing city.

Venueseeker is a top-quality provider of interesting venues and event services, and we’re more than happy to help you make your event a truly memorable one with the wide range of spaces we have to offer.

7 Unique Dessert Canapés For Every Occasion

There are many things we look forward to when we attend various events. We all love the entertainment on offer, we can’t get enough of exploring interesting and unique venues, not to mention hearing interesting speakers and attending well-organised workshops.

However, if pushed, we’d argue that there is always one feature which immediately shows that the event organiser means business, and is out to give their guests a real moment to remember. That’s right; we’re talking about dessert canapés.

In many ways, beautiful, sweet, delicately made dessert canapés encapsulate everything that is great about 21st century events.

Simple yet complex, small yet packed full of flavour, they make the complicated appear effortless, and instantly bring a smile to the faces of all who come across them. If that isn’t a summary of a top-quality event, captured in delicate pastry, cream and fruit, we don’t know what is.

A sweet world of opportunity

As with many things, however, the world of dessert canapés is one dictated by the whims of fashion. It isn’t enough anymore to simply hand around a tray of fairy cakes or supermarket standard eclairs – to do so would very much send out the wrong message.

A great canapé is one which shows that you’re on top of the latest trends in catering, and are willing to put in the effort, time, and funds to present your guests with something truly special.

There’s a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to the types of dessert canapés you wish to serve. There’s also plenty of scope to blend them into your event’s branding, too – if you have a colour scheme set up for your event, it’s easy to incorporate that into your sweet treats.

If your event has a national or seasonal theme, that too can be kept in mind when you’re swapping ideas with your pastry chef for the big day.

We’ve been to more than our fair share of events, and we’ve probably eaten more than our fair share of canapés over the years as well. As such, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the most successful, on-trend and delicious canapés we’ve come across – all of which you could think about bringing to your next event.

Strawberry Bites with Mascarpone

  • Best for: outdoor summer events

Who doesn’t love strawberries? They’re the quintessential taste of an English summer, and they quite simply never, ever go out of fashion.

These delicious bitesize treats revel in the freshness and juiciness of English strawberries, and while these tasty red fruits are nowadays available all year round, you simply can’t beat them when they’re British, fresh, and in season.

This dessert canapé involves topping a small square of buttery puff pastry with a hearty dollop of fresh mascarpone, and placing half a fresh strawberry on top.

For a modern, gastro edge, and to heighten the natural flavours of the berries and cream even further, they are drizzled with a touch of balsamic vinegar, and scattered with zingy garden mint. Utterly delicious, simple and effective, and sure to delight with every bite.

Mini Key Lime Pies

  • Best for: fashion-based events, meetings

The key lime pie is a real retro favourite, and the type of dessert we all look forward to at the end of a hard day. Whoever came up with the idea of creating a key lime pie dessert canapé was nothing short of a genius, as the fresh and zesty flavours of this sweet treat work perfectly as a mouthful of summery, exotic, fresh flavours.

Not too sweet, light as a feather, and decidedly moreish, serving these canapés at your next event is sure to raise plenty of appreciative smiles.

What’s more, there’s something wonderfully photogenic about these canapés. The crushed biscuit base, cream cheese centre, and topping of piped cream and a lime wedge is perfect for snap-happy guests, who’ll no doubt love posting photos of their new favourite treat all over social media – #yum!

Mini Nutella Cheesecakes

  • Best for: autumn and winter mid-morning breaks, conferences

When the flavours are right, you don’t need to do anything truly complex in order to make a massive impact. This dessert canapé is deceptively simple to make, but ticks every single box when it comes to sheer deliciousness and sophistication. Chocolate-hazelnut spread, cream, and a handful of crushed nuts… what’s not to like?

Because of the flavours of these delightful bitesize desserts, they’d be absolutely perfect served alongside some quality espresso coffee. As a result, we’d love to see them passed around during a coffee break between keynote speeches at a conference… although, we couldn’t possibly say no to such a treat at any time of day!


  • Best for: launches, branded events

Make no mistake, macarons – those delicious, French, bitesize treats made from almonds and filled with cream – are very much en vogue at the moment.

Hitting just the right balance between sugary sweetness and a that delightfully subtle nutty bitterness, they’re perfect for nibbling at alongside a wide variety of drinks. What’s more, macarons can be filled with your choice of filling – jams, creams, ganaches… the list is endless.

The great thing about macarons for event organisers, though, is that they’re very easy to create in branded colours. Using food dyes or other natural colourants, chefs can make these dessert canapés fit in with an event’s branded colour scheme, meaning they’ll make an even bigger impact on a platter.

Lemon Meringue Tartlets

  • Best for: receptions

The secret to wowing your guests with a dessert canapé is often a simple one: take a classic, family favourite dessert which everyone knows and loves, shrink it down into a bitesize treat, and add a few fancy, contemporary twists. Voila! You end up with a trendy canapé that’s capable of really hitting the high notes.

That’s surely the thinking behind these delicious lemon meringue tartlets; they take the essential flavours and components of the timeless lemon meringue pie, and transform it into something delicate, elegant, and utterly irresistible.


  • Best for: international events, coffee mornings

Long before dessert canapés were in fashion in the UK, the Turks and Persians had perfected the art of the syrupy, sweet, delicate treat to nibble at while enjoy a dark and intense cup of coffee.

Baklava has been a middle eastern favourite for centuries, and to bring this type of canapé out at an event is to make a bold statement: you’re internationalists, you’re modern and savvy, and have no problem blending tradition with contemporary trends… so long as it all tastes fantastic.

baklava dessert canapé


Floral Petit Fours

  • Best for: trendy, modern events with a vintage twist

Petit Fours are surely everybody’s favourite dessert canapés. They have a suaveness and sophistication about them that puts you in mind of French patisseries and soirees, and there are a vast number of different petit fours to choose from, each as delicious as the last.

We think that floral petit fours really capture the scene at the moment; edible flowers not only look great, they taste great, too. What’s more, they really epitomise the whole retro vibe that so many events are going for right now – cool, beautiful, and undeniably delicious!

petit fours

Dessert Canapés: Taking Event Catering to the Next Level

There are many different ways to wow your attendees at your next event, but it must be said, we’re especially fond of the impact a great platter of dessert canapés can make.

They truly add value and sophistication to everything from launches and conferences, parties, receptions and everything in between, and heighten the atmosphere with appreciative sighs of bliss from your gathered guests.

If you’d like to find out more about events services, Venueseeker are at the top of their game when it comes to organising everything from intimate dinners to vast conferences. Working with Create – our catering partners – we’ve no doubt we can put together something truly spectacular for your next event.

5 Exclusive Venues In North London You Have To Check Out

Here in London, we’re incredibly lucky to have access to some truly amazing events spaces. Whether you’re looking for small, intimate rooms for a meeting, vast, cavernous spaces for conferences or launches, or something tasteful and in between the two, there’s no doubt that the capital has something perfect for your needs, just waiting to be discovered. We’re particularly fond of taking our clients north of the river, where countless fantastic locations can be found. Indeed, if you’re after arty, unique, exclusive venues in North London, you’re sure to be impressed by what’s on offer

At Venueseeker, we’re always on the lookout for unusual and exclusive North London venues. This part of the city has defined itself in recent years as an unofficial creative quarter, meaning there are more superb venues to choose from than ever before.

As ever, we’re more than keen to introduce our clientele to venues which are capable of dealing with almost any kind of event; fully-stocked, professionally-run, and featuring all of the mod cons and bits of tech kit you could possibly need, these venues really do have what it takes to make your event a truly memorable one.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at a rundown of some of our favorite North London venues which feature an arty, creative, and one-of-a-kind twist, perfect for helping your happening hit new heights.

Arts Factory

When your guests or attendees step inside the Arts Factory, they’ll be faced with an awe-inspiring space, which perfectly embodies the vibrant scene currently taking over the Regent’s Canal Zone.

With its urban chic and industrial feel, this is a venue which offers events organizers no end of creative inspiration – there are rooms of all sizes, each offering a brilliantly artistic backdrop suitable for all kinds of gatherings.

With an on-site cafe and plenty of state-of-the-art multimedia equipment, this venue is a fully-stocked, multifunctional blank canvas onto which you can project your wildest ideas!

  • Capacity: up to 400 guests
  • Best for: conferences, launches
  • What makes it special: unique, unusual and highly versatile, the Arts Factory deserves its reputation as one of the capital’s leading creative venues.

Arts Factory Exclusive Venue

Foundling Museum

If you’re on the lookout for an artistic, elegant and utterly beautiful venue with which to inspire and impress your event’s attendees, the Foundling Museum is a truly spectacular choice to opt for. Featuring magnificent Rococo interiors, majestic original artworks and a wealth of paintings, sculptures, and tapestries, it’s the kind of place you could lose yourself for hours.

It’s a venue with plenty of stories to tell, too – it once played host to both Hogarth and Handel, and if you’re in need of a space which speaks volumes about London’s creative history, this one ticks every box very nicely indeed.

With Euston and Russell Square stations only a short walk away, the Foundling Museum is a unique events venue close to the center of London which feels as though it’s a million miles from the hustle and bustle of the outside world. Wonderful!

  • Capacity: up to 200 guests
  • Best for: receptions and conferences
  • What makes it special: this beautiful museum is the epitome of London elegance and boasts plenty of features that make it the perfect venue for impressing guests.

Foundling Museum - Venues in North London


Situated in Farringdon, Headspace is a place where creativity happens, and out-the-box thinking is the norm.

With its series of minimalistic meeting rooms and conference spaces, this is a venue where you can really feel like you’re in the beating heart of one of the world’s most dynamic and vibrant cities.

Capable of dealing with everything from team-building yoga workshops to full-blown product launches, the team at Headspace pride themselves on their versatility and flexibility.

Packed with top-end multimedia equipment and more besides, you’re sure to feel in tune with London’s creative sector, should you choose to use this exciting space for your next event.

  • Capacity: up to 150 guests
  • Best for: creative meetings, board meetings, launches
  • What makes it special: purpose-made with the creative, young, happening scene of London in mind, Headspace is the perfect example of a 21st-century events venue.

Headspace exclusive venue

Islington Metalworks

If you want a venue which perfectly encapsulates the unique street style of modern London, look no further than this funky, stunningly designed and utterly creative North London venue.

Islington Metalworks is conveniently located just behind Angel station, and while the building itself was originally a stable (housing the horses that pulled trams for London Transport, no less), today it’s one of the capital’s coolest hangouts and corporate venues for hire.

Stunningly designed with a distinctly British rock ‘n’ roll vibe, combining vintage charm with edgy modernity, it’s the kind of venue that’s ideal for creating lasting memories and impressing your guests.

Islington Metalworks is run by a dedicated team of creative professionals, and with its catering team and on-site kitchen, it’s capable of dealing with even the most demanding events in style.

  • Capacity: up to 300 guests
  • Best for: exhibitions, workshops, receptions
  • What makes it special: funky, urbane, effortlessly cool, Islington Metalworks is the perfect modern London venue for those looking for something outside of the ordinary.

Islington Metalworks


The Roundhouse is an amazingly diverse and flexible venue. On the one hand, it boasts an enormous, cavernous and deeply atmospheric main hall measuring 1,300m2. On the other, it also features a whole range of other, smaller spaces, each perfectly designed to suit the needs of a wide array of different events and functions.

This is one of London’s most popular and iconic venues, and it’s held host to all kinds of parties, concerts, exhibitions, and conferences since it was converted from being a steam engine repair house into a legendary arts venue in the 60’s.

All of the greats have appeared on its revered stage – Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and many, much more besides… so it’s safe to say that booking this venue for your next event is sure to leave your attendees very excited indeed.

  • Capacity: up to 1800 guests
  • Best for: large scale events, parties, meetings
  • What makes it special: a truly iconic north London venue, the Roundhouse is the ultimate when it comes to making a huge impression on any creative event.

Roundhouse exclusive venues in north london

Exclusive, Creative, Inspiring: North London Events Venues You Cannot Miss!

As we’ve seen, north London really is the place to be if you’re looking for exclusive and exciting artistic venues. The creative scene in this part of the city has never been in better form, and it’s deeply encouraging to see so many new places open their doors to private and corporate events – we genuinely love uncovering them all for your use and enjoyment!

Here at Venueseeker, we’ve dedicated years to perfecting the art of discovering the best venues for all manner of events. Whether you’re looking to organize a conference, a party, a simple meeting or a gigantic product launch evening (as well as everything in between), we’ve got the insider knowledge to help you find the perfect place.

That’s why we’re recognized as true industry leaders, and that’s what drives us to constantly improve our services, our scope, and our ability to stay on top of this ever-changing city! Get in touch today to find out how we can help you realize your events management dreams!

Cinema Underground

The Best Underground Venues London Has To Offer

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, it’s impossible to overstate the importance of mood, atmosphere, and ambiance. Whether you’re organizing a product launch, a corporate party, an exhibition, workshop, or meeting, hitting the right note when it comes to the vibe of your event is key.

We’re lucky in London to have access to dozens of amazing underground venues; hidden subterranean spaces which ooze charm and exclusivity, and which allow you to explore a side of the city which many people simply don’t realize exist.

Underground venues in London have become increasingly popular over the past few years, and it isn’t difficult to see why. They offer event organizers an alternative reality in which to project their ideas, space which celebrates the urban history of the city. Innately creative, edgy and undeniably cool, these London underground venues are sure to add some serious street cred to your upcoming event.

At Venueseeker, we’re always on the lookout for the hottest and most atmospheric underground venues to offer our extensive clientele. We’ve picked out seven of our favorites for you today – take a look, and start imagining what you might be able to do with them!

Old Billingsgate Vaults

With its low ceilings, impressive brickwork and atmospheric arches and tunnels, Old Billingsgate Vaults have earned an envious reputation as one of London’s coolest and most sought-after underground venues.

Moody and dynamic, it’s the ultimate subterranean canvas onto which you can project your wildest ideas and most awe-inspiring plans.

Old Billingsgate Vaults is fully kitted out with some seriously impressive sound, lighting and projection technology; too, meaning you can really ramp up the ambiance with this amazing and unique events space!

  • Capacity: up to 800 guests
  • Best for: wowing large numbers of guests, parties, and gatherings
  • What makes it unique: a stunning urban subterranean space showcasing some of the most innovative architectural styles in the city, Old Billingsgate Vaults is an unforgettable venue sure to make a powerful impact!

Underground venue Old Billingsgate Vaults

Dirty Bones

There is no shortage of bars, restaurants and party spaces in London, but if you’re looking for something bang on-trend, exclusive and more than a little secretive, Dirty Bones is the underground venue in London for you!

Access to this subterranean party space is via an unassuming hot dog stand, and once down the flights of stairs, revelers and guests will be wowed by the space that they uncover. Designed by award-winning interiors whizz Lee Broom, it’s as eclectic as it is funky, and this venue is just as ideal for a casual corporate dinner as it is for a wild late night party!

  • Capacity: up to 200 guests
  • Best for: intimate events, meetings, dinners
  • What makes it unique: secretive and quirky, this is a venue which really captures the feel of an old-time speakeasy!

Dirty Bones interior

The Postal Museum

The Postal Museum is quickly gaining attention as one of London’s most exciting and dynamic blank canvas venues. It’s housed in an amazing urban space, featuring impressive underground vaulted arches, hidden tunnels, and plenty of moody exposed brickwork – perfect for setting the scene for your product launch, meeting or function.

Guests can explore this unique space; learn about the building’s role in the history of the postal service, and even take a ride on a miniature train through the century-old tunnels!

  • Capacity: up to 200 guests
  • Best for: private parties and awards ceremonies
  • What makes it unique: a fascinating underground London venue packed full of amazing architectural features, informative displays, and secret urban history!

The Postal Museum interior

The Barrel Project

While not strictly speaking an underground venue, the Barrel Project is located in a railway arch, which is the next best thing here in the capital. Once your guests have entered the space, they’ll be dazzled by the sight of Burgundy and Bordeaux barrels, stacked eight feet high along the walls.

The effect is one which blends the urbane with the rustic, the vintage with the contemporary… and it’s highly atmospheric, and perfect for more casual affairs with more than a touch of sophistication. The Barrel Project also boasts a food prep area and fully stocked bar, meaning your attendees are sure to find plenty to enjoy!

  • Capacity: up to 150 guests
  • Best for: parties, receptions, conference workshops
  • What makes it unique: the warm lighting and backdrop of wine barrels create a fascinating atmosphere, perfect for quirky events looking to make a positive impression.

The Barrel Project Interior

Bankside Vaults

With its fantastic central riverside location next to Blackfriars station, Bankside Vaults has become a hub for those looking for underground venues in London that pack in some serious character and ambiance.

Gritty, urban and effortlessly cool, this massive subterranean space built into four interlinking arches is the ultimate blank canvas – it has the versatility and full tech setup required to become pretty much anything you desire.

  • Capacity: up to 2000 guests
  • Best for: large-scale parties, fashion shows, corporate networking events
  • What makes it unique: this vast underground space boasts several distinct rooms and zones, meaning you can truly flex your creative muscles when it comes to events organizing!

Bankside Vaults Interior

Tobacco Dock

London’s Tobacco Dock is a huge multifunctional venue, housed in a former tobacco storage facility that once received shipments from all across the empire.

Today, its massive underground vault is one of the hippest venues in the city, perfect for a range of different functions and offering ambiance and atmosphere by the ship-full. With stunning brick and timber interiors throughout, Tobacco Dock has the versatility to handle all manner of events, and even features enormous outdoor areas to add contrast to the vaults below.

  • Capacity: up to 3000 guests
  • Best for: launches, conferences, and exhibitions
  • What makes it unique: with its huge underground vault, this is a truly atmospheric and historic venue sure to blow your guests away.

alternative underground venues london - Tobacco Dock

Village Underground

With its vaulted brick arches, cavernous indoor spaces and stunning Victorian atrium, Village Underground fully deserves its reputation as one of London’s hippest underground venues. Many of the original features of this Victoria warehouse are still intact, meaning your guests can get a real sense of the history of this astounding building.

However, this is no dusty museum venue – a dramatic refurb a few years ago means it is fully kitted out to handle all manner of contemporary events, giving you an amazingly characterful blank canvas to play with.

  • Capacity: up to 400 guests
  • Best for: edgy, quirky events with an urban vibe
  • What makes it unique: a vast Victorian warehouse with truly impressive interior spaces, this venue has bags of character and unusual features, making it ideal for a wide array of events.

Village Underground london

We’re going deeper underground

Underground London venues allow you to turn up the atmosphere of your events, offering your attendees a genuinely urban vibe they simply couldn’t find anywhere else. Historic yet modern, mysterious yet versatile, they’ve got everything you could possibly need for truly unforgettable functions of all types.

We love exploring the hidden corners of London and uncovering atmospheric underground venues that are perfect for our clients’ needs and requirements. All of these venues and more besides can be found and hired via Venueseeker, London’s leading events management site. Venueseeker is your one-stop shop for everything your event could possibly need!

Businessman pressing modern social buttons on a virtual background

7 Event Management Software to Do The Heavy Lifting

Every great event organiser needs an arsenal of effective tools to do their job properly. Luckily, the 21st century has brought with it a wealth of fantastic event management software, which is helping to transform once-complicated tasks into a breeze with the touch of a button.

By selecting the best event management tools, registration and various administrations tasks can go from being a headache to an enjoyable, efficient and simple process.

However, with so many options on the market, it can be difficult for even seasoned tech-savvy event organisers to know which ones to opt for.

As always, we’ve done the hard work for you, and we’re more than happy to share our findings with you all.

If you’re interested in discovering the best events management software for yourself, check out our recommendations and top tips below!


If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for your events management needs, then Azavista is one of the best places to start.

This events management software has been designed to take care of all your business meeting, conference and other event needs, and it packs in plenty of fantastic features.

The user friendly platform that Azavista provides can handle registration, email marketing, budgeting, supplier procurement and a whole lot more, and has been specifically designed to ease the stresses of events managers worldwide!

  • Pros: The Azavista team has a great reputation for helping events managers out of tricky situations, and the user-friendliness of this software is second to none. Once up and running, it works fantastically and covers a huge amount of ground.
  • Cons: Azavista does take some real time and concentration to set up, but once that’s done, it’s extremely easy to use. Some users find some of the formatting commands a little on the complicated side, too.


Out of all the best events management software on the market, our clients and contacts claim that Cvent comes out near the top of the list every single time.

The reasons for this are many; its integrated platform allows users to quickly and efficiently find superb venues, and complete complex tasks such as online event registration and setting up mobile app technology.

Cvent is an excellent tool for measuring the impact an event had on social media as well.

  • Pros: Event managers find this software highly flexible and efficient, and it has plenty of scope for customisation, too. On top of this, their support team receives highly positive reviews from many of its 183,000 active users!
  • Cons: The main issue many users have with Cvent are to do with the way the program has been structured. In order to use the site effectively, it seems you often have to take the ‘long way round’ and defy logic to get to where you need to go.

cvent event management software


If you need help with ticketing (and what event manager doesn’t?) then Weemss is one of the best event management software tools out there.

Unlike many platforms, Weemss is deeply specialised in ticketing and providing everything you need to run an efficient ticket system.

Whether you’re selling tickets, arranging priority seating or handling check-ins, this software is about as good as it gets.

  • Pros: Fans of Weemss love the fact it is a very straightforward and user friendly platform. It’s also praised for its affordability and its unique awards management features.
  • Cons: The main issues event managers seem to have with Weemss are the fact that it does not yet have a mobile app, and the notifications from the site come through on a daily basis, instead of as and when they arise.


Eventleaf is another piece of event management software which is highly popular among the event organising community.

It presents itself as a platform which combines practicality with beauty in design, and allows users to create smart, attractive events websites and deal with all of their event management tasks.

Eventleaf can register attendees online, design and print event badges (and more complex RFID badges), promote your event via social media, and compile, send and track invitations.

  • Pros: The main selling point of Eventleaf is that it takes several different pieces of software and brings them all together in one simple, manageable set of programs. It’s designed to relieve the stress of tracking all those different threads of an event, and allow you to take full control of every aspect.
  • Cons: The only common criticism of Eventleaf is that the interface at first appears complicated and overwhelming. However, most users find that once they’ve navigated the platform, everything becomes crystal clear.


Managing and tracking online registration is one of the biggest annoyances for event organisers everywhere. Bookeo is a specialised piece of software designed to handle all of your online registration needs.

Whether you’re organising classes, clubs, or large-scale events, Bookeo enables you to take real-time bookings and payments with ease. It’s also ideal for dealing with staff rotas, booking changes and cancellations.

  • Pros: There’s great praise out there for Bookeo’s customer management section, and the customer support which comes with this software has helped countless customers in their hour of need!
  • Cons: While the customer support is roundly praised when it comes to Bookeo, the fees involved for their set-up service are not. The lack of a calendar view on the platform also causes a few grumbles among users, too.


As open-source event management software goes, Eventbrite is a clear leader in its field.

For organising all manner of events, and creating simple, straightforward registration systems, it has gathered thousands of fans across the country.

Customizable, mobile-optimized and user-friendly, Eventbrite is a highly flexible open-source tool which has helped many events get off the ground.

  • Pros: If your event is free, then Eventbrite is free to use. It’s also very adaptable, and has great accessibility from mobile devices.
  • Cons: The processing fees associated with Eventbrite can quickly add up. If your event is not free, you’ll have to pay 2.5% of the ticket price, plus a £0.99 processing fee for every ticket sold.

Event Espresso Lite

Event Espresso Lite is a WordPress-based event management tool, which allows you to list events and manage attendees, as well as organise a payments page and send confirmation emails to your attendees.

Simple, straightforward and easy to use, it’s unsurprising that this open-source option has quickly gained fans – especially among those just setting out in the events industry.

  • Pros: This online platform is very straightforward and does what it does very well. So long as you’re experienced with WordPress, you should have no problem with this site.
  • Cons: If you don’t know your way around a WordPress platform, then the chances are you’re in for a fairly steep learning curve. On top of this, Event Espresso Lite is, well, a bit ‘lite’ on features and functions.

Stress-Free Organising For Efficient Events

We could all benefit from the best event management software when it comes to organising everything from launches to conferences, and from parties to club nights.

It’s always worth looking at the different options out there, as you never know what you might have been missing until now.

Maybe that task you’ve always struggled with can be handled in seconds by a well-made piece of computer software after all!

At Venueseeker, we’re always keen to help event organisers make their job even easier. With so many years in the industry, we have the skills that can help any event go off without a hitch.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our recommendations.

Now it’s your turn: have you used any other pieces of event management software you’d like to give the thumbs-up to? Let us know in the comments!

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