Small Party Venues in London

When it comes to parties, more is not always merrier. While there are certainly parties that benefit from a mega turnout, sometimes you only want to share the occasion with a few family members and friends. For such events, it’s not necessary to rent a spacious facility with a four digit capacity range. The following small party venues are ideal if your invitation list doesn’t include half the neighbourhood.

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Studio Spaces

East London venue Studio Spaces is a great choice for small-medium sized parties. The venue is both a nightclub and a state of the art event space. It is comprised of three studios and located only a few minutes walk from Shadwell station.


Located on Level Two of the iconic OXO Tower, OXO2 is a breathtaking contemporary space offering panoramic views across the River Thames. The venue is well-suited to small parties, with the option to use just one of the two connected gallery-style rooms.

Wellington Arch

With an 80 person capacity limit, the Wellington Arch provides just enough space for an event with a limited turnout. Guests will be treated to party at one of London’s historical landmarks with exterior balconies that overlook Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park. The event itself can be held directly underneath the arch or on the arch’s balcony.

The arch is perhaps one of the only small party venues in London that is also a major tourist attraction. People flock in on a daily basis to get a snapshot of the iconic “Peace Descending on the Chariot of War” sculpture as the backdrop. Holding your event at Wellington Arch is an easy way to wow your guests with a beautiful and historical landmark.

29 Portland Place

This venue was built in the 1700s and was long used as a ballroom. The building includes both a ground floor and first floor with a 200 person maximum capacity limit. Both floors have been extensively refurbished to include modern amenities while still retaining their neoclassical appearance from the period of their original construction.

Hedsor House

This stunning Georgian style mansion is situated just north of River Thames. It is frequently rented and used as a conference centre for meeting with high-profile VIP partners and clientele. It is also suitable for hosting lavish black tie parties or a gala with a Downtown Abby type theme. Aside from the interior, the house’s lawn also serves as a nice addition for a pre-party reception area before letting the guests indoors for the main evening’s event.

Thames Cruiser

Many small party venues in London are located adjacent to the Thames and offer a stunning view of the river. However, why party next to the Thames when you can host an event on it? The Thames Cruiser is employed for corporate and private parties, and guests are treated to a two-in-one deal with your hosted event plus a guided river tour. This is also a terrific venue if your guest list includes multiple couples. For guests who arrive with a plus one, the setting takes on a very romantic feel – especially during the evening when the city lights cast a reflection off the water’s surface.

Some parties are meant to entertain a crowd that only includes your close circle of family and friends. Most would agree that a small party with your closest loved ones makes for a more memorable night than a large scale-party with an extensive guest list that includes friends of friends and even strangers. These venues are perfect for smaller parties, giving you the intimacy that you need.