Private Party Venues in London

Not every party is about achieving a large turnout. Some events are by private invitation only; these often include a guest list limited to family and friends, or VIP clientele and investors. When it comes to private party venues in London, you don’t need an exceptionally spacious location. In most cases, a venue with a private room or two will suffice.

The following venues are worth your consideration if you’re looking to host a lavish but private event that you would rather keep somewhat under the radar.

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Society of Antiquaries

For a private hospitality experience located at the heart of London, you cannot go wrong with the Society of Antiquaries. The facility’s Conference Suite is ideal for hosting a conference, seminar, auction, workshop, or corporate party. This section includes a meeting room, council room, and spacious entrance hall that can be used for registration and serving refreshments.

As you can probably figure out from the venue’s name, the facility is adorned with centuries-old artwork and sculptures. Over 600 collections are available for viewing, and some of these have been featured in televised historical documentaries. This practically makes the Society of Antiquaries a private venue and art exhibit condensed into one package.

Moorgate Meeting Venue

If you’re looking for a more modest private party venue, then Moorgate’s Meeting Venues provide plenty of rooms perfect for corporate meetings, briefings, and presentations. A coffee and networking area is also available where guests can grab a beverage or healthy lunch during the break. A total of nine rooms are available, each equipped with air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

The multiple rooms also make the venue suitable for hosting a seminar followed by a small corporate after-party reserved for event organizers.

Trinity House

The Trinity House was designed by renowned British engineer Samuel Wyatt in 1794. It overlooks the Tower of London and provides multiple and versatile rooms suitable for corporate and family-oriented events. By renting out the facility, you gain access to the following rooms:

  • Pepys room – The room takes its name after one of the home’s original masters of the house. It provides plenty of empty space and can be employed as a dance hall or wedding reception area.
  • Luncheon room – This room can accommodate up to 20 guests for a sit-down lunch. Multiple hand-painted portraits grace the walls and give you a sense of the history of the house.
  • The Reading Room – Despite being filled with books, the room can be used in ways other than as a quiet area for reading. It’s the smallest of the rooms and can be used for board meetings or conducting one-on-one interviews.

The Supreme Court of the United Kingdom

UK’s Supreme Court has been the site of some of the country’s most notable appeals and international law cases. As a venue, the facility provides stunning gothic-style architecture with carved beams and stained glass windows. The facility’s Lawyer’s Suite provides a magnificent view of Parliament Square and is ideal for pre-party receptions and drinks. The lobby located on the floor above provides an ornate setting perfect for impressing your guests with lavish dinner parties.

For events on a smaller scale, private party venues in London provide the space and ambiance perfect for hosting an upcoming business conference or family getaway.