Exciting Party Venues North London

A party with your backyard as the venue may be suitable for a child’s birthday bash, but it hardly suffices especially if you expect a major turnout. To really encourage maximum attendance, you need a venue with a recognisable name, such as those with historical significance or frequently used by celebrities and major PR firms.

Of course, the location matters as well, and the following party venues in North London provide the perfect setting for those north of the river.

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Kenwood House

Travel back to the British colonial period by stepping foot into the Kenwood House. This facility was erected in the 1700’s for the upper class of the 18th century. Even though the facility has been fitted with modern comforts, it still retains its original architecture. The interior is also fitted with paintings and sculptures that reflect the people and customs of the colonial era.

Multiple rooms are available, which can be rented separately or collectively depending on the size of your event and/or desired atmosphere. This includes a theatre lecture hall, green room, dining room, orangery and library suite.


If you are aiming for an event with a cooler and casual theme, then you can’t go wrong with Camden’s Roundhouse. The ground level provides ample spacing with 1300 square meters of open floor. A circle balcony frame also encompasses the upper deck and allows a vantage point of the partying going on below. Two bars are also available for preparing drinks and setting up a makeshift meeting centre.

Arts Factory

While used primarily as an art venue, Arts Factory in Islington is actually a versatile venue and has been extensively used as a space for hosting product launches, fashion shows, award ceremonies, and after parties. This party venue in northeast London comes with multiple open spaces and rooms, which gives you a blank canvas for decorating the interior to your liking.

Hedsor House

The Hedsor House is the epitome of exquisite and lavish living. This venue has all the features and specs that you would associate with the upper class. The mansion is typically used for corporate meetings due to its eight conference rooms, though it’s also just as suitable for a family party or as a hosting centre for a workshop. Hedsor House has been the venue of choice for royal families, A-list celebrities and government officials dating as far back as the 12th century.

North London party venues are among some of the most prestigious locations for hosting an array of events, ranging from private getaways to highly publicised after-parties. Whatever type of event you host, remember that venue selection has a great influence on how well the event is received by your guests.