Exclusive Birthday Venues in London

While every birthday calls for a celebration, some birthdays are just more significant than others. Turning 16, 18, 21, or 30, for instance, marks a major milestone in one’s life. These occasions call for a party on a whole other magnitude. To achieve this end, you need a birthday venue fitting for the birthday guy or gal. It goes without saying then that not any plain old venue is going to make the cut.

Consider the following birthday venues in London that will have the birthday boy or girl feeling like a king or queen.

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The Artillery Garden

Located just minutes from Liverpool Street, the Artillery Garden is the ultimate party space. A double decker bus is also available to transport guests directly to the location for the festivities. The venue includes a full service bar, dance floor, banquet hall, photo booths, and even carnival-style rides like bumper cars.

Keep in mind that this venue is only available in the months of June, July, November and December, so plan accordingly.

The London Dungeon

The London Dungeon is the birthday party venue in London to go with if you’re looking to give your celebration a macabre theme. If you’re a fan of thrills and chills, then the London Dungeon can provide in spades. As pointed out in its name, the London Dungeon is an underground chamber adorned with medieval torture devices.

The very gruesome and dark nature of this venue makes it an oddball yet glamorous location for birthday dinner parties. The celebration can be enhanced with guided tours that include:

  • The Bazalgette’s Sewer
  • Whitechapel Labyrinth
  • The Plague House
  • The Ten Bells Pub (Frequented by one of Jack the Ripper’s Victims)

Sea Life London Aquarium

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to enjoy a lavish dinner in the presence of some of the most exotic marine life? This is definitely one of the best birthday party venues in London if you’re looking for a location with more than just the typical dining hall, bar and dance floor. Give your guests an amazing experience as they dine in the presence of over 500 aquatic species, including the sand tiger and blacktop reef shark.

It can truly be a thrilling yet unnerving wonder as you enjoy a meal with a majestic yet fearsome sea predator just inches away, separated by only a pane of glass.

The Earth Halls, NHM

The Earth Halls, located inside the Natural History Museum, is a magnificent venue that resembles an astronomy observatory. Its walls provide a glimpse of the many constellations that grace the infinite sky on a clear night. Its most notable feature is the giant metallic globe with an interior that can be used as a dining space. The venue in its entirety, though, is spread over three floors with multiple rooms, so you can rent the entire facility or just one or two rooms depending on the size of your party.

There are multiple London birthday party venues that will absolutely bedazzle your guests. If you are aiming for a birthday that you’ll never forget, then these venues could be the perfect pick.