The Best Party Venues in London

A party isn’t a party unless guests are mingling, dancing, eating, and soaking in the atmosphere. However, a party’s vibrancy is partly dependent upon the venue. A lavish and spacious venue in the perfect location will draw in a lively crowd and truly make it a night to remember.

If you’re looking to make your next event the talk of the town, then consider the following cool party venues in London.

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One Embankment

Despite just opening its doors in 2014, One Embankment has already become a major venue and has even been used as the after-party location for big name events like the Elle Style Awards. With its dance floor, speakers, lighting options, and PA system, this is the ideal spot for hosting a buzzing party where you expect festivities to continue well into the early hours.

Aside from the main ground floor, the facility also includes an upper deck known as the Mezzanine, which wraps around the perimeter of the building. This area includes lavish upholstery and is perfect for those who wish to take a break from the festivities while getting a bird’s eye view of the party below.

The Look Out

The Look Out is one of the best London party venues because of its exquisite location. It’s situated right at the heart of Hyde Park. The location is a nature lover’s oasis; even the facility itself is a sustainable building complete with Smart Board technology, wooden terraces, and a lush pond ­– all in an enclosed structure.

From the perimeter of the park, guests can make their way on foot to reach the Look Out within five minutes or be chauffeured by a buggy; either way, they can enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.


A party is a dud if the guests aren’t feeling the vibe. The best party venues in London don’t just offer a room. They offer an atmosphere and vibe which gets guest in the mood to party, setting the tone for the entire event.