Unusual Conference Venues in London

When it comes to conference venues, lecture auditoriums and briefing rooms often come to mind. However, you don’t have to always opt for the norm. There are, in fact, unusual conference venues London that aren’t quite your run-of-the-mill facilities for holding a meeting.

If you think about it, some of these unique conference rooms below are actually able to play to your favour. It creates a more interesting atmosphere as opposed to a monotonous and easily forgettable backdrop. If unconventional is what you’re aiming for, then the following unusual conference venues in London will definitely suit your needs for your next unforgettable business event.

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The Magic Circle

The name itself is a hint that this isn’t a typical facility for hosting business conferences and formal meetings. In front of the entrance lies a spiral staircase designed in a way that appears as if it’s floating on thin air. The entire venue consists of four rooms, each with its own theme. The rooms make the venue suitable for holding multiple workshops and dividing guests into smaller groups.

The facility also provides live performances by magicians, which can serve as a lead-in or “warm up” event for your conference.

Tower of London

A tower constructed in the Middle Ages is probably the last place you would consider as a viable venue for a conference. It’s certainly one of the more unique conference venues in London, which is exactly why it should be considered. The facility’s status as an iconic historical landmark means that guests get treated to both your conference and a tour of one of Europe’s oldest standing structures.

Despite its old age, it has been fitted with modern amenities and thus suitable for business presentations, product launches, and the like.


Guests are much more receptive to your business presentations when their stomachs are full. At Aveqia, guests are led by a seasoned gourmet chef to prepare their own culinary cuisine using the finest ingredients. They can then take a seat and chow down on their own culinary masterpiece.

This event makes for a great lead-in to your own conference or presentation. Wine is also available, and the kitchen makes a great area for a meet-and-greet before starting the festivities. If you’re looking to wow your conference participants, it’s a great way to start.

Dorney Court

Set in a countryside backdrop, Dorney Court looks more like a venue for hosting a croquet tournament or a horseback-riding event. The area, though, is great for cocktail parties or an event with a country theme. The interior contains multiple rooms that can serve as a meeting place for select personnel and clients while the general guests enjoy their time outdoors.

First impressions are everything, and there are a number of unusual venues for conferences in the London area that can create a memorable experience with their magnificent backdrop and architecture. These locations are perfect if you’re willing to stray a bit from the formality of traditional conference and lecture rooms and give your guests something to talk about and spark their creativity.