Large Conference Venues in London

Even with the immense popularity of online marketing, it still helps to host an occasional live seminar or conference for branding purposes. If successful, your event will be attended by hundreds or even thousands of potential future customers. If so, will your venue be able to accommodate the sheer numbers? Turnout numbers aren’t always predictable, so it’s always a good idea to have a conference venue that can accommodate more occupants than the estimated number of people you expect to show up.

The following are some large conference venues in London known for their spacious facilities and frequent use by corporations for large-scale events. Each of these facilities has a capacity limit in the four-digit range.

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Building Six at the O2

With 3,041 square metres of event space spread over three floors, O2’s Building Six has enough space for up to 3,000 guests and personnel. The space includes a stage and amphitheatre perfect for lectures and product launch presentations. There is also a main room with a dance floor that can be used to hold an after-event dinner and party for the attendees.

In addition, smaller rooms are also available that can be reserved for VIP guests, which may include private investors, high-profile clients, and venture partners.


The Troxy building is one of London’s most famous large conference venues for hosting exclusive and lavish dinner parties complete with entertainment. Its main conference centre has a 2,600 person capacity, and its buffet/reception area can accommodate up to 1,800. The facility also has a smaller section known as the White Room, which is adorned with white glass floors, marble walls, and floating lights. This room can be used to hold a private party or conferencing centre for select guests.

Old Billingsgate

The old Billingsgate is one of the most sought after large conference venues in London due to its close proximity to the London Bridge, making it excellent for travel connections. The magnificent view of River Thames also provides a lovely backdrop for event goers. The facility is designed for a 2,400 person capacity and includes a spacious 7,800 square metre area complete with lighting and technical equipment, allowing you to provide stunning audiovisual support.

The venue comes with a vast hall space with a triple height ceiling, underground vaults, a riverside terrace, and a mezzanine gallery.


The Roundhouse was erected in 1846 and is a designated historical London landmark. Over the years, it has been used as a performance hall by notable musicians and stage performers. While a music venue may not seem like an obvious choice for a conference venue, this large space can be adapted to suiting a conference while still having an interesting musical vibe.

The facility is divided into several separate sections. The largest area is known as the Main Space and can seat up to 1,800 guests. The Roundhouse was also recently expanded, and renters can now benefit from an additional wing that includes two bars that can accommodate up to 100 and 120 occupants respectively.

The turnout rate is always a good indicator of a conference’s success. With large conference venues in London, you have plenty of location options with the space capacity to accommodate your guests. This way, attendees have plenty of roaming space and aren’t crammed like sardines.