Elegant Conference Venues in Central London

Even with the prevalence of Skype and video conference software, some meetings just need to be done face-to-face. When it comes to negotiating a deal with a VIP client or an investor for your startup, meetings should be arranged in person. This shows that you are serious about taking the business relationship in a new direction.

First impressions also count, which is why selecting a proper conference venue is truly important. These conference venues in Central London provide a high-class ambiance and luxurious backdrop. These are fitting for those meetings that can have a profound impact on the branding of your business.

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The OXO2 is renowned for its breathtaking and panoramic view of the Thames River. This view becomes even more stunning in the evening hours when the lights from the streets and buildings cast a sparkly glimmer across the water. The OXO2’s size and multiple rooms makes it perfect for hosting a multi-seminar event, such as a meeting followed by a luncheon, then a product launch show, and finally a dinner party. It truly is the perfect venue for a conference.

Society of Antiquaries

The Society of Antiquaries is located at the Burlington House and provides a rich historical atmosphere. Stepping into the building is like stepping back in time 100 years. The backdrop is adorned with painting, sculptures, and figurines that have been featured in prominent galleries around the world. The facility has rooms for hosting small meetings as well as rooms for large lectures. If you’re going to be stuck in meetings all day, you might as well be stuck in style.

White Space

Its name says it all; the facility interior literally consists of rooms with blank, white spaces. This practically gives you a blank canvas for decorating it to suit the theme of your meeting or conference. This enables you to host a hybrid meeting/product launch event with a tradeshow-like atmosphere. This is certainly one of the top Central London conference venues suitable for businesses looking to exercise visual creativity with the allotted space.

Selecting an elegant venue is akin to hiring a nice car to pick up the client or investor you’re meeting with. It helps establish a strong rapport by showing that your enterprise isn’t willing to spare expenses when it comes to extending your hospitality.

These conference venues in Central London will give you a plethora of options when it comes to selecting a location worthy for your top business associates, collaborators, and consumers.